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Mechanism of action


It decreases the intravesical obstruction through its direct action on the prostatic smooth muscle, decreasing the resistance to the bladder flow.

Therapeutic indications


Tto. Of the functional symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Method of administration



Immediate-release tablet: administered independently of food.

prolonged-release tablet: administer after a meal. The tablets should be swallowed whole without chewing or crushing or spraying.



Hypersensitivity, history of orthostatic hypotension, association with other alpha- 1- blockers, severe HI, severe RA (prolonged-release COMP).

Warnings and precautions


Elderly, IR, enf. Coronary, insuff. Acute cardiac; With symptomatic orthostatic hypotension or who have experienced a pronounced hypotensive response with other alpha 1 blockers, antihypertensive medication or nitrates. Risk of hypotension in patients with preexisting risk factors (risk> in the elderly). Evaluate tto. In patients with a congenital prolongation of the QTc interval, with a known history of acquired QTc interval prolongation or treated with medicinal products that may increase the QTc interval. Avoid co-administration with potent inhibitors of CYP3A4 (ketoconazole, itraconazole or ritonavir). Risk of intraoperative flaccid iris syndrome during cataract surgery (interrupt prior to surgery and report current or previous treatment with an alpha-1-adrenergic blocker). Not recommended in mild-moderate or severe HI, or severe RI (prolonged-release tablets). Not suitable for children from 2 to 16 years.


Impairment Alfuzosin

Contraindicated in severe HI. Caution in mild-moderate HI initiate 2.5 mg at night, increase to 2.5 mg / 12 h. Comp. Prolonged release: mild-moderate or severe IH is not recommended.


insufficiency Alfuzosin

Caution in IR, initial 2.5 mg / 12 h. Comp. Prolonged release: contraindicated severe RI. Caution in mild to moderate IR, start 5 mg / night and increase 5 mg / 12 h.



See Contraindications and Warnings and Precautions In addition:

  • Risk of hypotension with: nitrates.
  • With general anesthetics it can produce marked hypotension.
  • pregnancy
  • Alfuzosin
  • There are no adequate data on use in pregnant women, as it should only be given to male patients.

Effects on ability to drive


The influence of alfuzosin on the ability to drive and use machinery is important. The patient should be warned of the possibility that alfuzosin causes vertigo, dizziness and / or asthenia, especially at the beginning of treatment.


Reactions Alfuzosin

Asthenia, malaise; Nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dry mouth; Fainting / dizziness, headache, vertigo, hypotension (postural).


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