Details of Alin losion 

Generally about Allin-in

(Price lotion is about 800, and shampoo around 450din. And for that price you get per 200ml of the product. You can buy them in well-stocked pharmacies, dm-in, and lilly-in.)

Allin products based on natural ingredients: nettle (root and leaf), garlic and lavender, which are usual in the nation known as the best medicines against hair loss, ie strengthening the roots.

In the market there are several types of shampoo Allin: red , green and yellow and blue lotion, which is actually the main means to solve the problem with the decline.

Red shampoo – prevents the appearance of dandruff, itching and hair loss .. About him I heard the most good impressions, and is used in combination with lotion.

Green Shampoo – removes grease hair and seborrheic deposits with skin

Yellow Shampoo – for everyday hair and body with the effect of cooling

Allin lotion  has the purpose to strengthen the hair, preventing decay and the emergence srab and wings. Promises to regenerative works with all types of alopecia.  Products aimed at preventing hair loss, actually have a stimulating effect on growth, especially due to the combination of ingredients (nettle, garlic and lavender), which strengthens the root, and stimulate circulation.

Usage:  What is very important is to use it regularly and in accordance with instructions for use. Apply evening before planned wash your hair, so that the circular motion massaging the whole surface of the root hairs. Leave overnight to act and in the morning was washed  red shampoo . The procedure is repeated for 10 times the night before shampooing. And after that is to say, pause for a period of five washing, after which the process is repeated. During the period when a break does not use the lotion, or used red shampoo.

When the visible results? For each therapy against hair / hair growth / strengthening the roots take several months. Whichever product you use for this purpose it will take us much time we welcomed the results.

I chose red shampoo . Promises to strengthen the root, it is an excellent remedy for dandruff and itching, to prevent the decline and that is useful for faster growth. Garlic and nettle work by improving the circulation of the scalp, acting against bacteria, and lavender oil soothes the scalp.

Usage:  It is used by the moistened your hair on the scalp, rubbed and massaged. It was then washed, re-applied, allowed to operate two to three minutes and then washed. It is suitable for everyday use because it does not contain harmful chemical agents.

In practice,

packaging is a plastic and functional. The label indicated that the product is used, so it is not necessary to further inform, because you on the bottle virtually all writes.

First lotion is dark in color and has an intense aroma. I have to admit that the smell was not the most brilliant, but does not smell 🙂 Reminds me of some spice, but most felt garlic and lavender. I can not complain about it, because this is a natural product. Certainly it would be suspicious of a product based on garlic and that he does not feel.

The night before washing putting lotion. Inflict on him the most ordinary swabs which rubbed lotion all over the scalp. Applying lotion in my case takes about 15 minutes, with literally rub topics and to me extremely pleasant. The best thing to do, using a comb distribution of hair in order to manage to cover the entire surface. I did not notice any irritation or that my hair scalp drier or oily after lotion. The good thing is the smell much weaker in the morning, so you can feel it only if you directly smell hair.

The lotion had all night to work, and in the morning it was time to wash.

Second shampoo has the same smell as lotion, but the smell more lenient, because shampoo contains only half a lotion as much as two cloves of garlic … There are quite a line structure, unlike traditional shampoos. It seems to me that the structure is the same as the lotion. The first shampoo has minimal foam, but easy to feel under your fingers if you applied the shampoo over the entire surface of the skin of the head, and already during the second shampoo appears richer foam.

3rd After shampooing put a mask on your hair and continue with routine care.

Tip: Since this product does not contain silicones or any other substances that enable easier carding, and make hair softer, I suggest you put a mask after shampoo / conditioner, and that prilikon shampoo hair shampoo apply exclusively to the topic, and not at the ends. And do not worry and ends will be clean, because it is enough she foam that falls over them during flushing.

In a previous post I wrote that I will now test the products that promise efficiency of this type (faster growth, preventing decay, regeneration of hair when it comes to hair masks, etc.), So that for 2-3 months expect the following post on the final impressions the shampoo and lotion.

Until then, you can ask me anything you like, and I will report on any changes, if any. Frankly, I trust in these products, and I hope I will finally be happy.


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