Exemestane is a hormone therapy medicine and uses

Exemestane is a hormone therapy medicine and it inhibitsaromatase. Estrogen production is stopped by its action which may stall the growth of the tumor. The tumor size may be reduced to a great extent.

This medicine is also called Aromasin.

What are its uses?

It is part of the medication for women in the post-menopausal phase who are in the advanced stage of breast cancer and have not improved after treatment with other medicines. Women in the early stage of breast cancer are also treated with it. Doctors may use it for other conditions as well. Usually, the dosage prescribed is exemestane 25 mg once a day.

When you should not use it

  • The medicine should not be used if
  • You get allergic reactions from any of the components in the medicine.
  • You are still in the reproductive phase of your life.
  • You are expecting or are planning to conceive or are lactating.
  • Any medication you are taking contains estrogen such as birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.

Mention all these facts to your doctor or consultant or health careprovider

Before using:

Your doctor will always ask you questions about your medical history. But, as a patient you should also be careful to mention your medical conditions as the action of exemestane breast cancer may be affected.

  • Women who are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant or brest-feeding.
  • any herbal, dietary supplements, prescription or non-prescription medicine.
  • Allergies from food, medicines or other substances.
  • Kidney or liver ailments osteoporosis, heart and blood vessel diseases, stroke, etc.

should be reported.

This is important because the medicines you might be taking may interact with exemestanearomasin and can be have dangerous consequences.

Exemestane 25 mg side effects 

If you feel dizziness report the issue if it stays or worsens. Do not drive if you feel dizziness or don’t do any work that requires concentration of mind.  Flashes, anxiety, tiredness, depression, diarrhea are common side effects.

Side effects in women in women are seen because of the lack of estrogen. This causes bone-thinning and the bones gradually weaken thus increasing the chance of fracture. Women who are already suffering from osteoporosis may be prescribed tamoxifen rather than aromasin.

People taking this medicine may come across severe joint pain, but that is also on rare occassions. But it is not known to have caused side effects arthritis. 

The medicine in the form of 25mg tablets per day is used by men involved with bodybuilding as this medicine increases testerone levels by 60% in a matter of 10 days and the free testosterone increases by 100% within that period. It also tackles the problem of gynecomastia effectively which bodybuilders tend to get due to left over aromasin.

Where to purchasegeneric form of this medicine?

This medicine is readily available on online medical stores. Customers can buy it online from reputable online shops. Both cards and cash are accepted by the online stores. Customers can get the medicines at the best cost online.

Price of this medicine may vary between physical shops and online stores. You can get discounts and offers when you purchase it online.

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