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My Medi store is much more than just a health shop! We are one of the leading online pharmacies for generic drug distribution and OTC health products since 2014, and we will now expand our network worldwide to provide quality products and services to consumers.

By visiting our online pharmacy or order you will find out which other medicines are available, almost all popular medicines are available with great savings for you. You should never compromise on quality or reliability. Our professional team is led by a qualified Indian pharmacist who offers only the best value in generic medicines and brands. This is why our current clients are coming back again and again. We work for our clients and we are happy to do so!  Each of these plants is FDA approved by India and has international authorization.

Service standards

A quality audit team works on a regular basis to supply all drugs and orders that meet our stringent standards to provide only the best service and experience to all our customers. We follow all guidelines to ensure the safety and privacy of all clients. You can rest assured that our standards are always up to date.

Product selection and availability

Products appearing on the Mymedistore website must pass strict evaluation and approval parameters. Conduct a market study of each product before considering uploading it to our site. All settings apply later. Estimates include a realistic analysis of the product and/or the manufacturer as well as the packaging. Most of the products on our site are generic drugs with the same ingredients as their brand counterparts, but with Mymedistore the prices are much more acceptable to consumers. A lower price does not mean that there is a difference in purity, potency, dose or bioequivalence. In fact, most generic health products are made in India. The first country in the world (outside the United States) to manufacture generic drugs is India, where 74% of US FDA-approved facilities are located.

Discreet delivery

Since we are committed to providing only the best customer service, we guarantee that all our orders are shipped in environmentally friendly recyclable boxes or envelopes to protect your privacy. Just like if you go to a pharmacy in your neighborhood, they put the medicine in a bag that is not visible in their privacy. We take care of your privacy in the same way.

Your privacy

Your privacy is our utmost concern. All of your personal information, including your email address and any other information provided, will never be abused. Because spam is illegal, we would never participate in this activity. In this case when you receive a spam message related to our products or services, immediately notify our customer service and we will handle the situation accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or problems you may have.

Order security

Today’s a common question about website security with all the scams and duplicate web pages, but with Mymedistore, you never have to worry about your personal information being bad arms. We use the full certifications for Alpha SSL and Sucuri Security as a reference for all our online orders. All car pages at Mymedistore are protected by a valid SSL certificate. Your safety is the number one concern for this business. We want to make sure that you are fully protected when purchasing from our website.

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