We at MyMediStore, we are very precise on how we handle personal information. Any personal information that is given to us is carefully submitted through our system and will not be seen by any non-authority professionals. We will help you make important decisions about the site.

What information we collect

MyMediStore may ask to provide us with two different types of information. These two types could be:

  •  Your Name, address, and payment method.
  •  Your prescription, doctor, medical history.

We gather this information for your health only, as well as making sure we are getting you the right medication. We offer a cheaper alternative way for you to get your medication, but for this to be legal, we need to make sure only the medication your doctor needs you to have will be dispensed to you, and that’s why we must have that information.

Email Disclosure

We are able to communicate through email. We may keep your email messages together with our responses. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose, other than corresponding with you.

How we use your information

At MyMediStore, we will use your information just for the purpose of managing your medication file. For example, if you have your allergies on file or medications you currently take, we are able to advise you if there are a certain allergic reaction, or medication interference. Your personal information such as your payment method is solely used just for your medication. Your address and name is to ensure your medication gets to the right person and place. We will not use your personal information elsewhere, but for solely this use.

Your choice for opting out

If we have any newsletters or special promotions, you have the right to opt out of the emails. If you would rather not see any advertisements, that is your decision. If you would not like to see such advertising or promotions, we will only go ahead with sending you emails regarding your own personal account and shipping/orders. You will have to personally contact us if you want to opt out. If you don’t opt out, we assume that you would like to receive such newsletters and advertisements.

What are cookies for the website?

Cookies are a small text document. The cookie is an anonymous identifier. Each time you go to a website, the computer will store that website into the hard drive of the computer. The date and time you visited the website will also be next to the website you searched. You will be able to delete your cookies. Each website will send its own cookies to a browser.

The information from cookies

When you visit My Medi Store, the site will use cookies to separate you from other customers that come to the website. We will use the cookies to prevent you from some advertisements or keep you from logging in for different security reasons. Just like stated above, any information we obtain from the cookies will not be used, except for your own health benefit.

Sharing of information

MyMediStore will not share any of your information. This is a secure network that will not let any third parties enter in to except to process payments. With a website like ours with prescriptions and medical history, we don’t want any third parties accessing our data unless we allow it. However, the only third parties are to process your information to your payment method and shipping method. We don’t allow anyone else to gain access to your information.

Protecting information

We will protect your information with our server. Nobody will gain access. We have a very secure encryption service. If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to protecting your information, please contact us. We want all of our customers and potential customers to know that they’re completely safe with us.

Notifications of change

Periodically MyMediStore may change the privacy policy. We will never disclose any personal information of yours, but some other policies may change. It’s good to keep checking back or checking with us to ensure that everything is still up-to-date from the last time you checked. It’s a good idea to keep your email updated for any latest changes regarding our website and company.

Your consent

If you need to transfer any information like-Fax, call, etc., we will need your full consent to do so. We won’t do anything without a proper and formal consent from our customer. We will not disclose anything without the consent as we have this privacy policy in effect.

Further, we are only a generic online pharmacy. We don’t sell name brand drugs. We are providing a cheaper alternative to all of our customers. Medication can be pricey and we want to help everyone, no matter which budget type you are on. For that reason and other reasons, we carry generic only.

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