What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is distributed and produced without any patent protection. Even though the generic drug may have a patent on the formulation, it doesn’t have a patent on the active ingredient. A generic drug has to contain the same active ingredients that the original formula for the medication had.

Comparison and price

The patented medicine is going to be more expensive for several reasons. The reasons are:

  • Brand name medication requires more money and time. Sometimes they require even 10-15 years. The money could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Marketing and advertising techniques can be quite costly.

The manufacturer will have to compensate for its expenses. This is the main reason why the price is high when it comes to patented medicine. Generic products can be at a lower cost and the time it takes to make varies.  The effective life of a drug patent will be around 7-12 years. The cost for brand name drug companies have found that it may cost about $800 million for testing and discovering.

The brand name drug companies have used various strategies when it comes to extending the period of the market just for their drugs, as well to prevent any generic brand competitions. Ever greening tends to take place, and this means when there is aggressive litigation to extend and save the patent protection when it comes to their medications.

Why generic medication is cheaper

The production will not require an entire new formula, or even a production technology. Generic pills are simply bio-equivalents of the brand name drugs. They never need the extra advertising. They will actually receive the benefit of older marketing of the brand name company.

The generic manufacturers do not prove the safety of the drugs through any clinical trial. The reason for this is because the trial has been already done by the name brand company. There is no reason to go through a clinical trial twice if it has already been done. That slows down the process for you to be able to get your medication.

All of this is the reason behind why generic medication is so much cheaper than brand name. Both patients and insurance companies would rather go for the generic brand. Many times the doctor will assume the patient will want to pay less and go for the generic brand, so they will write the script for that.

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