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  • The pharmaceutical industry is an important enterprise in the world and also contributes to India’s GDP.
    The Indian pharmaceutical industry ranks third in global volume and 14th in value. The domestic market was worth $ 13.8 billion and growing at a rapid rate of about 10% annually.
    The Indian pharmaceutical industry accounts for 8% of worldwide sales. India also produces about 20-24% of all generic drugs used in the world. This is why the Indian pharmaceutical sector ranks third in volume and 14 in value. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has 20,000 independently registered units competing with state control prices. Due to this fierce price competition, consumers in the local and international market receive quality products at a very reasonable price.

    The pharmaceutical industry has been growing rapidly throughout the world in recent decades. The current market leader holds 7% of the market. There are about 250 companies in the world that have 70% of the world market. Due to the economic and labor policies favorable to the Indian government, many of these companies relocated some of their manufacturing and research services to India.
    As more and more pharmaceutical companies strive to increase profitability and reduce overall R&D costs, India has become the backbone of the new drug development industry. Dropping most of the search for new products in India, pharmaceutical companies cut costs by 40% to 60%. Consumers also spend more on medical care every day. Compared to 4% in 1997, consumers spent 7% in 2007 on medical care. This figure is expected to reach 13% by 2015.

    Major players in Indian industry:
    The Indian pharmaceutical industry has two major players:

    • Companies of Indian origin
    • Multinational companies investing in the Indian pharmaceutical sector

    • Sun Pharmaceuticals
    • Lupine
    • Dr. Reddy’s lab
    • Shipla Pharma
    • Aurobindo Pharma

    India consumes about 80% of the drug produced in the endogenous district. However, most of the manufactured drugs are exported to different countries. According to statistics compiled in 2006-2007, the United States and South Africa are the major importers of pharmaceuticals from India. They imported drugs for $ 3.8 billion and $ 461.1 million, respectively. Other countries that have seen increased imports of Indian pharmaceuticals in recent years are Kenya, Tanzania and Brazil.

    Contract manufacturing also benefits the Indian pharmaceutical industry as well as the multinational companies and local players involved in the process.
    There are two important developments that defend the fact that the Indian market will benefit greatly from outsourcing. First, many drugs are on the verge of being excluded from the patent, which will generate millions of sales. Second, the patent regime for Indian products has arrived, which will boost the confidence of the largest international pharmaceutical players in the Indian market.

    The Indian industry’s triumph in contract manufacturing has led to very important global developments. For example, a leading contract research and manufacturing company (CRAMS) in India, called Jubilant Organosys, has acquired a number of US pharmaceutical companies, namely Research Purposes Partners, Trinity Labs and Trigen Labs. In addition, the giant Indian pharmacist Bilkert acquired a US pharmaceutical company called ProClinical Inc. and established its first manufacturing plant in the United States.

    Several factors have contributed to the exponential growth of the CRAMS area in the Indian pharmaceutical market. Some of them are:

    • Modern avant-garde infrastructure
    • Experience in high quality research
    • Secure regulatory environment
    • abundant skilled work



The main area where there is room for great development in India’s pharmaceutical sector is generic. India exports drugs to more than 65 countries around the world. The US, which is the largest pharmaceutical market in the world, is currently the largest importer of Indian drugs on the open market.

Most of our customers will be very interested to know what generic drugs really are and why they are much cheaper than similar branded products available in the market. The term “generic drug” is used for drugs that are developed and sold without any patent protection. Some of these drugs may have patents in their formulation, but there is no patent for the active ingredients used in these drugs.

Generic medicines are usually less expensive than medicines because the manufacturer has no patent on the ingredients or formulation of your medication. The patent protects the manufacturer’s claim to develop the product exclusively and does not allow any other entity to produce the same drug on the market. Under normal rules, a patent is valid for 17 years, after which another entity may produce the same drug.

The patented drug is the only one of its kind on the market. This means that its formulation and effects are exclusive. Therefore, when you buy a patented drug on the market, you pay not only the cost of the ingredients and the production, but also the costs of research, testing and proof that the drug is safe for you. consumption. , marketing and transportation of the drug. If the drug is only available for certain symptoms or conditions, consumers must pay a premium. All of these costs make the drug very expensive compared to an unmatched medicine. Production, in this case, also charges consumers for effort throughout the entire development process.

After 17 years of patenting and expiration, other companies can also manufacture this drug. Since these companies do not have to research, test or market products as formulated already, they produce it at a much lower cost. The drug produced as a result of the restoration of a previously patented formulation is called a generic drug.

Why choose MyMediStore?
Due to new advances and technological advances in the past three decades, the global pharmaceutical industry has completely changed, this rapid change has affected the Indian industry as well and has become a well organized and well developed market.

MyMediStore is part of this global shift and is well aware of the art of offering its customers the best high quality products at the most reasonable price possible. We have all the resources to become a pioneer in the Indian pharmaceutical industry and to help our clients grow with us.

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality pharmaceuticals that are not only efficient and innovative, but also accessible to every average customer. We aim to provide drugs that provide maximum relief from the patient’s problem and have minimal side effects. We only supply products made by world leaders in the pharmaceutical sector. Most of the drugs available to us are made by companies such as Ranbex, Dr. Reddy and Shipla. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products. We assure you that you’ll find the best variety of products available at MyMediStore only.

  • • The following is a list of just a few areas we cover with our products:
    • cardiovascular drugs (antihypertensives, lipid-lowering drugs)
    • Medications for diabetes
    • Anti-bacterial / antibiotic
    • Anti-inflammatory / analgesic / anti-arthritic
    • Antivirus
    • Anti-ulcers
    • Antispasmodic agents
    • Antiallergic / antihistamines / cold agents
    • antifungal
    • anti-emetic
    • Vitamins and minerals / hematin
    • Agents that treat erectile dysfunction
    • Anti Helminetics
    • Antidiarrheal / antiprotozoal agents
    • smoking cessation agents
    • Hepatobiliary
    • Anti-thyroid gland
    • Hemostatic agents
    • Medications for the treatment of gout
    • Agents of obesity nti
    • ergogenic alkaloids
    • Estrogen / estrogen hormones
    • AIDS / cancer / oncology drugs
    • Acne remedies.
    • Herbal / cosmetic products.
    We have a strict anti-narcotic policy and under no circumstances do we provide such drugs or controlled substances to our valued clients.

    Our goal is to strive to improve the lives of millions of people who need medication to improve their quality of life. In order to have better contact with our clients, we have a three-level communication system in which customers can contact our dedicated staff by phone, email and chat. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that all requests are processed as quickly as possible.

    MyMediStore firmly believes in making the country a better place for our future generations. Because of this belief, we always use environmentally friendly recyclable and non-hazardous containers. All orders placed with us are treated with the utmost urgency. We use express delivery so your product is delivered within 5 to 15 days of ordering.

    Every real buyer is very concerned about the price of the product they are buying. We change our prices according to industry conditions and ensure that our customers get the best price from us. We also offer deals and discounts on top selling products to ensure we get something back for our loyal customers.

    We strive to provide the best services and products to our customers. Buy with us once and we assure you that you will find our products well suited to your needs and requirements.

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