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Product Description



Cenforce 50mg online is a pill used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

This drug improves blood flow to the penis and helps fight male sexual dysfunction.

In some cases, doctors prescribe Cenforce 50 mg to treat high blood pressure and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Use condoms as Cenforce 50 mg does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.


Cenforce 50 mg buy online.


Buy Cenforce 50 mg online affordably at Mymedistore.com. It consists of sildenafil citrate to treat erectile dysfunction in men and rarely for high blood pressure.

Cenforce 50 on the Internet relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels in penile dysfunction and increases the blood flow in the anatomy, which leads to the cure of erectile dysfunction in men. Male erections during sex depend on the body for about 2-3 hours.

Sildenafil Citrate 50 mg contains PDE-5 receptor malic acid. Sildenafil can be instantaneous with cGMP, which modulates blood flow to the penile organ.




The sildenafil citrate salt in Cenforce D suppresses the activity of a chemical phosphodiesterase type 5.

This PDE5 enzyme also breaks down a chemical messenger known as cyclic GMP.

Furthermore, this messenger typically dilates the arteries of the phallus by loosening the walls of the smooth arterial muscle.

Also, this activity adds additional blood volume to the limb, which induces a firm erection.

Because the pill also inhibits the PDE-5 enzyme, the arteries remain dilated for a long time.

Additionally, it absorbs the limb’s blood supply and helps maintain a properly functioning erection.

Additionally, dapoxetine improves serotonin function.

It also forms a neurotransmitter that transmits chemical messages between nerve cells.

It also transmits messages through the nerves responsible for ejaculation.

Additionally, the increased effects of serotonin help to increase the time to ejaculation. It also increases the impact on semen production.


What are the dosing instructions for Cenforce 50 mg?


Missed dose:


If you missed taking a dose of this tablet, take it as quickly as you retain.

If it is virtually time for the next dosage, skip the lose-out dosage take the next one.

Do not take a twin dose to make up for a failure to remember the dosage.




In case of an overdose, seek emergency treatment or contact a doctor or health care professional.


How do you take medicine?


As it is an oral medicine, the tablets should be taken by mouth with water. 

The correct way is to take a pill with just water and take it whole without crushing or breaking your teeth.





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How long should I continue the medication?


Hence, you cannot predict your erectile dysfunction treatment with pills in advance. Therefore, a doctor’s approach and advice should serve as the final guide.

In severe erectile dysfunction, the medication may have to be taken for life to achieve penile hardness. Those with minimal incidence of erectile dysfunction can also be cured on time, for example, within a few months or years.


Cenforce 50mg Side Effects


Cenforce 50 mg is known to cause specific side effects, and some of them include:


  • Urinating at an increased frequency
  • Pain in the stomach  
  • Causes nervousness  
  • Indigestion   
  • Swollen joints
  • Dizziness
  • Seizure   
  • Pain in the bladder
  • Having an abnormal vision  
  • Having a blurry vision  
  • Pain in the bone of a person   
  • The uneasy feeling in the eye   
  • Having side pain   
  • Feeling migraine 
  • Having a sore throat
  • Ulcers
  • Having a burning sensation in the chest   
  • Feeling of weakness  
  • Having swelling in hand, face, and legs of a person   
  • Being anxious   
  • Breast enlargement
  • Feeling confused  
  • Feeling the loss of hearing   



Precautions and Warnings for Cenforce 50 mg


  • You should not take Cenforce 50 mg if you have an allergy to sildenafil citrate to any of the ingredients in this medicine.
  • This pill should be used with caution if you have heart and blood vessel diseases.
  • Please do not take it more than once a day.
  • There is a conflict between taking Cenforce 50 mg and nitrate medication due to severe hypotension.
  • Drinking alcohol with Cenforce can worsen the side effects and should therefore be avoided.
  • Do not drive Your vehicle or use heavy machinery while taking this medication.
  • Male under the age of 18 should not use this pill.
  • Do not take grapefruit or grape juice while using this drug, as the bioavailability of the drug will decrease as drug absorption increases.


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Frequently asked questions


Q: Is Cenforce-50 safe for women?

Cenforce-50 is intended for men only and should not be administered/consumed by women or children under 18.


Q- Can I buy Cenforce-50 online without a prescription?

 No. The patient should only buy Cenforce-50 online if they have a prescription.


Q – What if you experience side effects?

 The patient should seek medical attention immediately if any side effects occur or if the erection lasts longer than the specified duration.


Q – Does Cenforce-50 mg work?

Yes. Most men who take Cenforce-50 report that it helps them achieve a harder erection for about 4 hours, allowing a satisfying ejaculation and extended playtime during intercourse.


Q – Can I take Cenforce-50 mg after meals?

You can take Sildenafil 50 before or after meals, but eating fatty foods should be avoided while taking the drug, as this will slow down the time of action of the drug.


Q – What happens if I forget or miss the dose of Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce-50?

If a patient forgets or skips the dose, she can continue taking medicine from the next dose. The patient should not, in any case, have an overdose of the drug.


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Equivalent Brand

Sildenafil Tablets


50 mg

Generic Name

Sildenafil Citrate


Centurion Lab, India

Pharmaceutical Form


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