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Buy Melalong Cream 15gm, Melalong (Hydroquinone/Mequinol/Tretinoin) is used to treat melasma. It helps to reverse hyperpigmentation by whitening darkened patches of skin. Dermatologists have also recommended its use to some patients for the bleaching of skin affected by age spots, chloasma and freckles when these conditions are caused by hormonal problems, exposure to the sun…

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Product Description

Melalong Lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoin)

Hydroquinone Topical( 0.025%).

Melalong Lotion 15gm Utilizes.
Hydroquinone topical is made use of to lighten the skin that has become dark because of melasma (skin darkening due to sunshine exposure), blemishes (dark places on cheeks, nose, arms, and top shoulders that shows up at a really young age), and also solar lentigines (‘ age places’– brown or black areas on the face, hands, shoulders and also arms because of exposure to sunshine).

How It Works Melalong Lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoin).

Hydroquinone comes from the course of drugs called melanin synthesis preventions. It whitens the skin by reducing the buildup of skin pigment called melanin that causes dimming of the skin.

Side effects of Melalong Lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoi).

Allergic skin rash, Irritability.
Tretinoin Topical( 2%).

Uses of Melalong Lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoi).

Tretinoin is normally used to treat acne (pimples), the harsh texture of facial skin, reduce the look of great creases as well as varicolored skin staining.

Melalong Lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoi) how it works.

Tretinoin is a kind of vitamin An and also comes from a group of drugs called retinoids. It assists the skin to restore itself (creating peeling off) and avoids skin inflammation.

Melalong Lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoi) adverse effects.

Face swelling, Allergy, Lip swelling, Application site skin tenderness, Application site response, Application site oozing, Application website sore, Dimming of skin, Face inflammation, Flushing, Itchiness, Skin redness, Scaling.

Specialist guidance for Melalong lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoi).

  •  Use of sunblock is a need to while utilizing hydroquinone topical. Stay clear of unnecessary sun direct exposures as well as cover the treated locations with clothes. Also, marginal direct exposure to sunshine can turn around the lightning effect of hydroquinone.
  • Cease usage and contact your physician immediately if you develop an allergic skin reaction or notice a blue-black eclipse of skin upon using hydroquinone.
  • Prevent direct contact with lotion with your eyes. In the case of straight get in touch with, wash your eyes with water right away as well as seek immediate clinical attention.
  • Do not make use of hydroquinone creams on broken, aggravated, or hurt skin.
  • Do not use hydroquinone creams with other creams which contain peroxides (hydrogen peroxide/benzoyl peroxide), resorcinol, phenol, or salicylic acid as it might trigger unwanted negative effects.
  • You may be recommended by your doctor to execute a skin sensitivity examination to prevent any allergic reaction.
  • Usage in kids who matured below 12 years is not suggested unless under the strict supervision of a physician.
  • Inform your physician if you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • It ought to not take if the individual is allergic to hydroquinone or any of its active ingredients.

Frequently asked questions for Melalong lotion 15gm (Mequinol/Tretinoi).

Hydroquinone Topical.
Q. Is hydroquinone safe/good for skin and also face?.
Yes. Hydroquinone is secure if utilized as guided, for the suggested period by your physician. Please limit sun exposures and apply sunscreens or cover the treated location with safety apparel. Also, minimal exposure to the sun can turn around the bleaching result of hydroquinone.

Q. Is hydroquinone carcinogenic/does hydroquinone cause cancer?
Hydroquinone must not be made use of over quantity for a long duration, as it is related to possible carcinogenicity.

Q. Is hydroquinone toxic?
No. Hydroquinone is not hazardous if used as routed, for the recommended period by your physician. It is readily available as creams and also meant for external use on the skin only.

Q. Does hydroquinone lighten/bleach your skin?
Hydroquinone is made use of bleach or lightens dark patches of skin. Q. Does hydroquinone lighten skin completely?
The effect of hydroquinone is reversible (reversible depigmentation) with time as well as exposure to the sun and therefore not permanent.

Q. Does hydroquinone make skin darker?
Hydroquinone may cause blue-black darkening of the skin. This is not the typical impact of hydroquinone. Discontinue usage and call your doctor instantly if you notice a dimming of skin upon the use of hydroquinone.

Q. Does hydroquinone aid acne?
No. It has no recognized result in the therapy of acne.
Tretinoin Topical.
Q. Is tretinoin topical a steroid/ retin a/ retin a/ a retinoid/retinol?
Tretinoin topical is not a steroid. It is a type of vitamin A (Retin-A) and also comes from a group of medications called ‘retinoids’. Tretinoin and retinol are similar yet tretinoin to be a little bit more aggressive than retinol which is a little bit preferable for those with sensitive skin.

Q. Is tretinoin cream risk-free?
Tretinoin is secure if taken at advised dosages and duration. The gel-type ought to be made use of with severe caution in youngsters younger than 12 years.

Q. Does tretinoin lotion work/ is tretinoin cream good for acne/acne scars/lighten skin/thin the skin/work on wrinkles/fade dark spots/clog pores/cause breakouts?
Tretinoin lotion works successfully in a lot of patients. It is useful for treating most skin-associated issues like acne, acne scars, skin lightening, removing creases, discolor dark spots, obstruct pores, etc. It does not create breakouts yet assists the skin in healing it.

Q. Is tretinoin offered over-the-counter?
It is offered only as per the doctor’s prescription.

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Additional Information

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