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Buy Nodict 50mg (Naltrexone) online, Naltrexone is used along with counseling and social support in the treatment of alcohol addiction and for the management of opiod addiction. Naltrexone is used to help avoid the usage of drugs and alcohol, but it will not prevent/ relieve the withdrawal symptoms that may occur after stopping the use of drugs and alcohol.

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Product Description

Nodict 50 mg (Naltrexone HCL)

Regarding Nodict and their Uses of Nodict 50 mg(Naltrexone HCL).

Get Nodict 50 mg online, Nodict makes up a common name Naltrexone HCl, which is a unique kind of dental narcotic medication that police the impact of various other narcotic compounds and alcohol. It is offered under various trade names; some of them are Revia as well as Nodict (made by Sunlight Pharma, India). Naltrexone HCl drug is mostly suggested to deal with alcoholism in individuals who have actually been addicted to alcohol and also narcotics, however, are not taking today. It might be used for other therapies which are not listed here.

Crucial information regarding Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg).

This drug must be used in combination with specialist counseling or monitoring to treat alcohol as well as narcotic dependency effectively. It might be suggested that Naltrexone HCl may be provided to you by your member of the family or various other caretakers. The factor is to ascertain that you are taking the anti-addiction drugs correctly as recommended by the medical professional. Attempt to carry an ID card which stands for that you are taking Naltrexone HCl This will be very important at the time of emergency. Any doctor that takes care of you needs to understand in advance that you are utilizing this medicine.

Prior to taking Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg).

You ought to not take Naltrexone HCl (Revia, Nodict) medication if you have any kind of well-known allergy to it, or if you are addicted to narcotics currently, have alcohol and drugs use in the past 7 to 10 days, or have drugs or alcohol withdrawal signs. Additionally make sure to conscious of your physician if you have kidney disease, liver condition, or hemophilia (bleeding disorder). Due to the fact that having any of these problems can put you up for a need to have special clinical examinations as well as dose changes.

It comes from the course of FDA pregnancy classification C medication. It may be harmful to your coming child while taking throughout the pregnancy phase. This medication can enter the breast milk and can create damaging effects. You need to consult your physician prior to making use of the tablets in case of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.

What is Dosage information of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg)?

You must take the dosage of Naltrexone HCl (Revia, Nodict) exactly as prescribed by your physician. Comply with all the instructions listed on the leaflet of your medication. Begin taking this medication immediately after you have actually quit taking alcohol. Take this medication with a glass of water. Having this medication with food can reduce the possibility of indigestion. Store all the medication in an awesome and dry area, far from the reach of children.

Keep in mind of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg).

Naltrexone HCl dosage may depend upon certain variables including age, sex, medicine allergic reactions, or severity of the problem among several various other variables. Your dose may be identified by your doctor after analyzing you appropriately.

Suppose I miss out on a dose of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg)?

For reliable results, you need to take all the medications at the same time as suggested. Missing out on also a single dose of Naltrexone HCl can be unsafe for your health. Nonetheless, if you miss out on a dosage of Naltrexone HCl, after that take it instantaneously, but prevent the usage when the following scheduled dose is near.

What if I overdose of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg)?

In case of an overdose of Naltrexone HCl, look for emergency situation medicine due to the fact that it can trigger severe signs like wooziness, nausea or vomiting, belly pain, or seizure.

Things as well as tasks to avoid of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg).

Make sure to avoid using alcohol and various other narcotic medicines while taking Naltrexone HCl. Don’t attempt to overcome the result of this medication by taking a massive amount of alcohol and narcotic materials. It may lead to a catastrophic impact as well as can cause coma and also the death of the patient. While taking Naltrexone HCl, always consult your doctor before taking any kind of medicine for looseness of the bowels, cool, coughing, or discomfort as these medicines might include narcotic materials. This medicine may trigger side effects that may affect your mental ability. Continue to be cautious if you are doing any kind of type of job which calls for a high degree of understanding.

What is Adverse effects of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg)?

Get emergency medical care, if you experience some allergic reactions to Naltrexone HCl (Revia, Nodict) such as skin hives, taking a breath problem, swelling in the face, lips, tongue, or throat. Some other major adverse effects are ba blurred vision or other vision troubles; raised heart price; state of mind and behavior changes; hallucinations; complication; self-hurting thoughts; ear discomfort or buzzing in ears; rash or itching in the kin; breathing trouble, hissing. In these situations, stop using this medication as well as call your doctor immediately for aid. Some much less major or usual negative effects of this drug are the weak point, exhaustion, sleep problems, anxiousness, anxiousness, uneasiness, irritation, muscular tissue or joint discomfort, lowered libido, erectile dysfunction, or problem in having a climax. These are not all the adverse effects stated over. There may be others also.

Communication with various other medicines of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg).

Naltrexone HCl (Revia, Nodict) might engage with various other medications, specifically, narcotic medications, and also nullify their effect if you utilize them while being treated with this medicine. Inform your medical professional beforehand if you are using any other medicines like butorphanol, hydrocodone, codeine, buprenorphine; oxymorphone; propoxyphene; meperidine; naloxone; dezocine; oxycodone; methadone; nalmefene; or morphine. Always consult your physician concerning starting a brand-new drug.

  • Do not take in opioid (opioid-free) for a minimum of 7-10 days before starting naltrexone treatment. Your medical professional might perform a naloxone obstacle test (a diagnosis for persistent opiate abuse) before beginning the therapy with naltrexone.
  • Do not eat opioid derivatives while on naltrexone therapy.
  • Naltrexone is not suggested in kids.
  • Educate your medical professional if you are taking or have actually lately taken any type of medicines for looseness of the bowels, coughing, discomfort, or disulfiram as well as thioridazine.
  • Do not drive or run a ma machine as you might really feel woozy or tired.
  • Tell your medical professional if you are or intending to conceive or are nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg).


Q. Is naltrexone risk-free during pregnancy?
Naltrexone must only be utilized if the potential benefits validate the potential threat to the infant. Please follow your physician’s advice concerning its usage
Q. Is it secure to make use of naltrexone during breastfeeding?
Naltrexone needs to not be given throughout breastfeeding. Please follow your doctor’s advice concerning its use
Q. Can you take naltrexone for life?
No, naltrexone should be taken as long as suggested by your physician
Q. Can you take naltrexone with Xanax (alprazolam)?
Caution has to be worked out when naltrexone is taken with alprazolam and also its by-products
Q. Can you take naltrexone with suboxone (naloxone and also buprenorphine)/ Subutex (buprenorphine)?
No, both suboxone and subtext are used in opioid withdrawal. Hence they should not be taken with naltrexone, as an additive effect leading to side effects may take place. Always adhere to the directions of the doctor
Q. Does naltrexone make you high/ drowsy?
No, naltrexone does not make you high but, might hardly ever make you sleepy
Q. Does naltrexone block alcohol?
Yes, naltrexone blocks the activity of alcohol and for this reason, can be utilized to deal with alcoholism
Q. Does naltrexone help with pain/ for weight loss?
Naltrexone has no well-known effects on discomfort and is not indicated for weight-loss
Q. Does naltrexone help with opiate yearnings?
Yes, naltrexone helps reduce opiate desires
Q. Does naltrexone test positive for narcotics?
No, naltrexone does not examine positive for opiates.

Where I can Purchase Nodict 50 mg?
MyMediStore is a relied-on online pharmacy where you can purchase all kinds of generic medications at extremely affordable rates. To conquer alcohol dependence, you can get Nodict 50 mg online and assure optimal advantages.

What is Disclaimer of Naltrexone HCl (Nodict 50 mg)?

We offer only basic details about medicines that do not cover all instructions, possible medicine assimilations, or preventative measures. Info at the site can not be used for self-treatment and also self-diagnosis. Any detailed guidelines for a particular person must be agreed upon with your healthcare consultant or medical professional in charge of the instance. We disclaim the reliability of this information and also mistakes it can contain. We are not responsible for any kind of straight, indirect, unique, or various other indirect damage as a result of any type of use of the info on this site and additionally for repercussions of self-treatment.

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