11 Weeks Pregnant: Breaking News of Coworkers

Additionally, he is commencing to kind teeth buds below his gums, and his bones are becoming nice and robust. He’ll be effort his new limbs tons currently, kicking, stretching and moving concerning, despite the fact that it’ll be another four to eight weeks before you’ll be able to feel him.

His body is also preparing for life on the outside as his nasal passages and diaphragm are starting to take shape. If you could see up close, you might even catch a glimpse of tiny ears, a tongue and nipples.

Right about now, you’re probably feeling a little bloated. But it’s not because of your baby’s mass, but rather it’s likely due to the gas and constipation induced by pregnancy hormones.

However, the clock is ticking on when you’ll form the telltale belly, so it may be time to start thinking about when to break the news at work, particularly if your job involves strenuous activity or exposure to risky materials, both of which can pose risks to your baby.

Another thing to consider is whether you’re experiencing any difficulties with your pregnancy, such as severe nausea or vomiting, or if you’re at risk of complications like preeclampsia, which is high vital sign throughout the last half of physiological condition. If the remainder of your term is probably going to involve multiple journeys to your health care supplier, it may be best to share the news with your manager sooner rather than later so that he or she can give you the accommodations you need.

It’s a good idea to review the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act , which outlines your legal rights in the workplace and prohibits your employer from firing or demoting you. You may additionally wish to examine out whether or not your state has any similar laws.

Finally, read your employee handbook or talk to your human resources department to find out more about your company’s maternity leave policy and be prepared to answer questions about your plans for after the baby is born. Now is a good time to have a conversation with your partner about how much time you would like to take off from work, what you can afford and whether you will continued operating an equivalent hours going forward.