Best Weed for Cancer

Cannabis can be used effectively to help combat the symptoms of cancer. We discuss several strains that help fight pain, nausea and fatigue.Sometimes, it is a difficult task to find the weed best suited to your condition. For example, a person that is using medical marijuana to help boost their attention span will require weed that is very different than weed used to help ease cancer pain.

We’re going to take a look at the best strains of weed to help combat different cancer related symptoms.


Pain Relief


Strains of cannabis that include high levels of CBD and THC are your best bet for relieving pain. These strains include the following:


Blackberry Kush: A strain that is known to provide physical relief with a full body euphoria. Be careful when using the strain because it puts you into a tranquilized state where you are very tired and not motivated.

ACDC: Perhaps the most popular option to combat pain. This strain is perfect to reduce pain while not experiencing psychoactive effects.

Harlequin: This is a strain that we recommend for anyone who wants to have a clear mind throughout the day. This strain reduces pain without the mental cloudiness that other strains offer.




Many weed websites are dedicated to weed strains that help combat nausea. Why? Nausea is associated with many medications that help combat cancer, and nausea is also present after chemotherapy.


The weed that helps combat nausea best includes:


Northern Lights: Combating nausea is easy with Northern lights. This strain has a very sedative effect, but it combats nausea and relaxes the stomach.

Blueberry Diesel: Providing the perfect balance between relaxation and nausea fighting. Blueberry diesel will settle the stomach and improve your mood.

Super Lemon Haze: The ideal strain for anybody that needs to stay active but also wants to reduce nausea. Super lemon haze is described as providing an energetic cerebral high.




Being tired and worn down can be combated with the following strains of cannabis:


Strawberry Cough: Aromatic with a sweet taste, this strain boosts energy and improves your mood.

Pineapple Express: Best described as euphoria finds energy. This strain boosts your energy levels greatly while providing the perfect level of euphoria for the smoker.

Chocolope: This sativa strain enhances your sensory awareness while also boosting energy and allows you to remain focused.