Did you know??? about Antibiotics for strep throat (Z-Pak)

One of the foremost effective antibiotics used for oral medical aid of pharyngitis (pharyngitis) is Zithromax. The period of Zithromax use for the treatment of pharyngitis is five days.

Zithromax is sold at the U.S. pharmacies in packs of different sizes. Patients with pharyngitis don’t essentially get giant plastic bottles with thirty Zithromax tablets.

At the U.S. market, you’ll be able to notice Z-Pak containing simply six Zithromax tablets. One Z-Pak (six Zithromax 250mg tabs) is decent for a course of medicine medical aid of pharyngitis in adults.

Zithromax antibiotic will be wont to treat pharyngitis in kids of two years and older. However, kids with pharyngitis area unit suggested to require oral Zithromax suspension, instead of oral tablets. The daily dose of Zithromax suspension depends on a child’s weight and thus, it should not exceed 12mg per kg of a child’s body weight.

Oral Zithromax suspension can be replaced with oral Zithromax 250mg tablets (Z-Pak) for children and adolescents with body mass over 40 kg.

If the doctor prescribed Z-Pak for strep throat:

  • At once two Zithromax 250mg tablets should be taken in the first day of antimicrobial therapy
  • A Zithromax 250mg tablet should be taken in the next four days

Often, Z-Pak is prescribed once alternative antibiotics for pharyngitis square measure ineffective. Many patients diagnosed with pharyngitis square measure prescribed with antibiotic as «drug of choice».

Advantage of Penicillin-containing antibiotics for pharyngitis is that they less usually cause aspect effects and cheaper than oral Zithromax 250mg tablets (Z-Pak).

Results of comparative clinical study of two antibiotics for strep throat have shown that Zithromax causes gastrointestinal side effects in 18% of patients, but Penicillin – only in 13%. The most common side effects of Penicillin and Zithromax antibiotics for strep throat are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Penicillin disadvantage is that it is less effective than Zithromax, as well as it should be used intramuscularly for the treatment of strep throat. Because of the necessity of intramuscular administration of Penicillin, the possibility of using this antibiotic for strep throat at home is significantly limited.

A vast majority of patients with strep throat are not able to make by themselves intramuscular injections of antibiotics. Thus, besides purchase of cheap injectable antibiotics for strep throat, they will need to pay a doctor or nurse for the services.

While treating pharyngitis, Penicillin antibiotic should be used three times a day within 10 days. Thus, low worth of this antibiotic for pharyngitis cannot compensate the prices of thirty procedures of contractile organ administration of antibiotic.

Where to buy antibiotic for strep throat at low price?

If Zithromax tablets (Z-Pak) ar terribly valuable at pharmacy chains, they will get replaced by cheaper oral antibiotics for streptococcus tonsilitis. As an alternative to Zithromax, you can use other tablets containing 250 mg of antibacterial agent Azithromycin (generic version of Zithromax 250mg tablets).

The cheapest antibiotics for streptococcus tonsilitis ar sold-out on on-line pharmacies. Azithromycin-containing antibiotics are sold on online pharmacies under various trademarks, such as Azibiot, Azigen, Azimycin, Azi-Teva, AzitHEXAL, Azithrobeta, Azitrin, Azitrolek, Azitro-Mepha, Azitrox, Aziwill, Azycyna, Bactrazol, Macromax, Makromycin, Nobaxin, Sumamed, Zedd, Zitinn, Zitrocin.

On on-line pharmacies, the value of antibiotics for streptococcus tonsilitis is greatly under the value of Z-Pak (Zithromax tabs) accessible at standard town pharmacies. Therefore, shopping for of medication for the treatment of streptococcus tonsilitis on on-line pharmacy permits saving each time and cash.

To buy antibiotics for streptococcus tonsilitis (Z-Pak) on on-line pharmacy, a payment methodology and a shipping variant ought to be chosen. Z-Pak with tablets for the treatment of streptococcus tonsilitis is delivered to some countries of the globe inside in some unspecified time in the future. Thus, by ordering antibiotics on-line, the course of antibacterial drug medical care for streptococcus tonsilitis will be started straightaway when its diagnosing.

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