Need to Know Drying Up in Menopause..

As the autumn air grows colder and my body continues to age, I find myself drier and drier these days. The air conditioner is in the off position and the heater is turned on, but that’s not the only reason my body is drying up from top to bottom.

Health in Your 50s: Everything You Need to Know

My Eyes: “Your eyes are very dry,” said my ophthalmologist, Dr. V, during my last visit. “It comes with age, as do the floaters that you are experiencing in your left eye.” Thankfully, my retina was not detached and my floaters are much better, but my eyes are still dry, dry, dry.

According to WebMD, dry eye is a natural part of aging, especially after menopause. (There we go, the “m” word. I knew it.) “Computer use may contribute to dry eye. I suggest you use eye drops three times a day,” said Dr. V. She recommended I buy Systane, which are artificial tears. I put a few drops in each eye—morning, noon and nighttime. Ah, I can see clearly now.

My Face:  “Your face desires a decent antioxidant replenishing mask,” said my esthetician, as she examined my dry skin. My face was glowing once my facial, just glowing. I bought Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Masque to use at home—can’t wait to try it. I additionally just like the new mythical monster Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Daily Moisturizer that I received from the Johnson & Johnson PR businessperson. (Psst … I think the breakthrough Hexinol technology is breaking through my face and providing added moisture back into my skin. Such incredible technology! Now if it could quickly get rid of all my wrinkles, that would be a good thing too.)

My Hair: “My hair is very dry from the hair dryer,” I said to my hairdresser. She recommended i exploit Moroccan oil once I wash my hair. I bought the Moroccan oil and recently tried Redken Diamond Oil additionally. I sometimes place a couple of drops of oil on my fingertips and rub the oil everywhere my hair and scalp. Don’t use an excessive amount of oil otherwise you can have bed head—flat, flat, flat.

My Vagina: “Your vagina is very dry,” said my gynecologist as she examined me during my yearly checkup. WebMD says that vaginal dryness is another common symptom of menopause—and close to one out of every three women experiences it while going through “the change.” It becomes even more common after menopause. (There we go again—the “m” word. I knew it.)

“You won a free bottle of new Trojan Lubricants Continuous Silkiness,” said the PR representative at the BlogHer Conference. I hid it in my suitcase because I feared it might not make it through airport carry-on security—didn’t want any guard shouting, “Menopausal woman here! Menopausal girl here, with lubricant in her suitcase.” (No, no, no. My lubricator was going home with Maine and my dry epithelial duct.)

My Legs and Feet:Â Dry and flaky, dry and flaky. The Perimenopause web log says, “A very little wetness goes an extended approach. Particularly if you’re inclined, to take really hot showers. The heat extracts moisture and makes a bad case of the itches even worse.”
So dear autumn, bring on the chill. I’m ready for the change of seasons. I have tons of good moisturizers to choose from. Menopause may have dried up my body, but it’s far from brittle. Like the brilliant colors of the changing leaves, I plan on keeping my body (and my mind and spirit) as vibrant as ever during my life after 50.