During Pregnancy HCG is More Important

HCG helps women during the initial phases of pregnancy and is also used to treat a variety of ailments occurring in both men and women.


Sold under the brand names of Novarel, Ovidrel, and Pregnyl, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin primarily helps the egg develop normally in the ovary of a woman. It also helps release the egg during ovulation, once their development is complete. The other main uses of HCG in males are to increase the sperm count and to treat the pituitary gland disorder in young boys. This disorder prevents the testicles from dropping down to the scrotum normally. In women, HCG can be of great help to treat infertility. Buy HCG online that is a miraculous drug which has these and many other uses.


evelopment of Pregnancy


After an egg is fertilized by a sperm in the fallopian tube, it moves down the tube within a span of 9 days. On reaching the uterus, it implants itself on the uterine walls, following which HCG is released into the blood by the placenta. The blood before the first missed menstrual period, as well as the urine, carries traces of HCG. A very important role is played by HCG in maintaining pregnancy and developing the fetus. Along with keeping the corpus luteum alive, HCG also stimulates fetal testosterone production that helps in developing the masculine sexual organs. It also facilitates corticosteroid production and suppresses maternal lymphocyte responses. This results in reducing the response from the mother to the placenta’s fetal side. The mother’s body will not treat the placenta and fetus as entirely foreign bodies.


Monitoring Its Levels


With the passage of the first 14 to 16 weeks following the LMP (Last Menstrual Period), the level of HCG increases progressively. It is at its highest in the 14th week, and decreases slowly from thereon. The amount of HCG present in your body can reveal many things about the health of the baby as well as the pregnancy in general. After the delivery, no traces of HCG may be found in the mother’s blood.




A normal dosage would be that which is prescribed by your doctor. The doses should not exceed this amount, as an overdose can cause some serious damage. HCG is normally administered as an injection into a muscle or under the skin. You can get your doctor, nurse, or any healthcare provider to give this injection to you. If none of these are available immediately, you can self-inject the drug, provided you have the complete knowledge of giving injections and disposing off the used needles and syringes. Once you take the drug, follow up with your doctor to make sure it is delivering the designed results regarding that particular condition.


Possible Side Effects


Although not life-threatening, an overdose of HCG can be very dangerous. So buy HCG injections only after receiving prescription from a doctor. If any unusual symptoms of negative effects start arising, you should seek medical help immediately. Clotting of Blood is a typical side effect, whose symptoms can be pain, redness, numbness, warmth, or tingling in your arm or leg. Other known side effects that are not too grave are confusion, severe headache, or extreme dizziness. Women using HCG can fall prey to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is a life-threatening ailment. Typical symptoms of OHSS are swelling of the hands or legs, severe pelvic pain, stomach pain and swelling, weight gain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or urinating less than normal. Some of the less serious side effects include headache, restlessness or irritability, mild swelling or water weight gain, depressive feelings, tenderness or swelling in the breasts, or pain, swelling, or irritation in the area where the injection is given.




Weighing the advantages and disadvantages, one should carefully know when the use of extra HCG is actually required. Although it can be a lifesaving drug, you also need to take into consideration the negative effects it can have on your body. If you don’t know where to buy HCG drops, you can research online to find a suitable source. HCG injections are available online on this website for purchase.