Facts of Antibiotics for acne

Antibiotics for acne

Different medicines are often prescribed to cure disease of the skin, as well as such medicines that have bactericide and antiseptic impact. Severe disease of the skin treatment involves peroral administration of antibiotics or medical care with injectable antibiotics. However for symptomatic treatment of severe disease of the skin, doctors additionally inflict topical antibiotics (gels, creams and ointments).

At the initial stage of antibiotic medical care of disease of the skin, high doses of antibiotics area unit prescribed, followed by gradual decrease of their dose. Significant therapeutic effect of antibiotic drugs is achieved within 5-7 days. Herewith one should note that severe forms of acne require a long-term treatment, with possible duration of several months.

In long-run treatment of disease of the skin, totally different teams of antibiotics help:

• To inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands;
• To reduce the number of irritating substances, synthesized by white blood cells;
• To reduce the concentration of free fatty acids in the surface layers of the skin;
• To stop the inflammatory process and achieve quick regress of inflammation in the deep layers of the skin.

Usually antibiotics are administered to cure severe acne. Still some patients square measure prescribed antibiotics for the treatment of moderate skin condition too, however provided that there are not any different treatment strategies or they’re ineffective. The most effective and prescribed antibiotics for skin condition treatment are: Tetracycline; Erythromycin; Minocycline; antibiotic drug and Clindamycin.

  • For the treatment of skin disease, Achromycin antibiotic ought to be taken within the morning and evening. Acne medical aid must be initiated with one Achromycin 500mg pill, a pair of times each day. When the effect is achieved and the skin gets pure, the daily dose of Tetracycline antibiotic has to be reduced twice. Tetracycline is one in all the few oral antibiotics, which can be prescribed for acne treatment in teenagers over 9 years old. However this antibiotic is contraindicated for skin disease medical aid in maternity.
    • Unlike Achromycin antibiotic, Pediamycin antibiotic for skin disease treatment will kill bacterium, providing pronounced medicament impact and reducing redness within the affected elements of cuticle. In order to scale back risk of nausea and stomach upset, Pediamycin antibiotic is healthier to be infatuated meals. For the treatment of delicate and moderate skin disease, it’s suggested to require one Pediamycin 250mg pill, two times on a daily basis. For the treatment of severe skin disease, the daily dose of Pediamycin ought to be two times accumulated (one Pediamycin 500mg pill, two times a day).
    • Minocycline antibiotic is a Tetracycline derivative. Minocycline is particularly effective within the treatment of pustular skin disorder. Unlike Achromycin, that becomes less effective once gaga food, therapeutic potency of Minocin doesn’t rely on time of meals. Patients with delicate and moderate skin disorder ought to begin the treatment with one dose of Minocin 50mg, doubly daily. To cure severe skin disorder, patient may have to be compelled to increase the daily dose of Minocin antibiotic up to 200mg (one Minocin 100mg pill, doubly daily).
    • Doxycycline antibiotic is prescribed for disease of the skin treatment to patients with diagnosed allergic reaction to antibiotics antibacterial and (or) Pediamycin, as a rule. Antibiotic medical aid of disease of the skin should be initiated with one Vibramycin 100mg pill, two times on a daily basis. Once the therapeutic effect is achieved (approximately 7-10 days after onset of Doxycycline pills usage), Doxycycline dosage is reduced twice (one Doxycycline 50mg pill, two times a day). To lessen the chance of nausea and reflex, antibiotic Doxycycline is recommended to be taken with meals. Please note that Vibramycin will increase the sensitivity to ultraviolet. Therefore in order not to get sun burns, patient should avoid staying in the sun for long time.
    • Clindamycin is very effective antibiotic to cure skin disease, even in adolescence. For skin disease treatment Clindamycin may be used each orally and applied directly on the skin. Maximal oral daily dose of Clindamycin antibiotic is 300mg (one Clindamycin 150mg pill, every twelve hours). Topical LOTION has got to be applied skinny layer on the affected elements of the skin, every 8-10 hours (in the morning and evening). You can notice in retail sale Clindamycin LOTION, AEROSOL, SWAB, CREAM and GEL. The concentration of Clindamycin antibiotic in topical lotion for skin disease treatment should not exceed 1 Chronicles. Duration of symptomatic treatment of skin disease by means that of topical resolution Clindamycin varies from four to twelve weeks (depending on the severity of acne).

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