Facts of Heart attack

What to do if your heart hurts? It is good if it happens at home or at public place, with other people around and they can help. But, unfortunately, circumstances are often unfavorable. How to help yourself if none is nearby, and any medications or phone are just not available?

Alas, these days even teens of 25-30 people ar underneath the danger of attack, especially in big cities: life is full of stress, plus smoking, alcohol, all these factors worsen heart state.

Let’s assume that the conflict scenario happen with you at work. Then you drive a automobile and suddenly feel the pain. To the closest hospital it’s 5km, and it is unlikely to reach over there in such state … It is better to stop immediately: accidents happen often because of heart attack with a driver.

Let’s consider another case. You are walking in the forest or in the village. None is close, and surely, any medications are available. However, albeit you are doing not see anyone, call someone, probably somebody nevertheless will hear you.

Let’s assume that you are alone at home. You will not be able to leave your apartment and to call your neighbor if you fail to reach drugs. Neighbors hardly can hear you albeit you shout through a window. Even, having called emergency you will have to wait it at least twenty minutes, and in the city it may take about one hour. But anyway you are recommended to call emergency.

At heart attack a private quickly weakens attributable to heart-work disorders. There are only 10 seconds before fainting. In these situations an urgent artificial respiration is recommended. But, even if you can do it, you need another person’s help for this procedure. But he may feel panic. This may result in fatal outcome despite an opportunity to avoid wasting own life!

So, first aid to yourself is to start coughing! Before every coughing, take a deep breath. The cough ought to be deep, chest, and expectorant like in pulmonary diseases. Frequency of “breath-cough” is about every 2 seconds. Proceed doing it until obtaining help or your pulse is traditional.

How the cough works? The matter is that deep breaths provide required oxygen to the lungs, and cough suppresses a cardiac muscle and stimulates the blood to circulate better. It helps the guts to revive a standard cardiac rhythm.

But even if the heart rhythm was restored and you feel better, do not neglect the problem. Immediately take a drug and decision the doctor, you’re suggested to form a graph. Probably, even hospitalization will be required for you to get necessary treatment.

However, the above-mentioned cardiopulmonary resuscitation is extreme. If you value your life and health, get the required medications around just in case.

  1. Keep heart medications even if you are not a heart sufferer. By the way, an individual suffered from impaired cardial function with Nitroglycerine or Valocordin appears at an advantage, than the healthy one without heart drugs. Keep the rule: heart medication ought to be obtainable to your hands! Keep them in bedside tables and in your pockets. If you do not need them, they can be useful to someone else.
  2. The phone always should be available, whatever stationary or mobile. Surely, it’s not the actual fact that just in case of unexpected worsening of health state it’ll assist you, but nevertheless you can call emergency. 3. In case of the severe stress try and breathe deeper (even if you are doing not observe any heart failure symptoms). If possible do not drive. Take sedative drugs.

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