Five Big Health Stories You Should Know

A lot is always developing and changing in the field of health -and in our, everyday rushed lives, it’s impossible to keep up with all the news. So, in my attempt to catch at least some of the most interesting events, here’s a quickie of some of the latest.

Broccoli Sprouts Cut Cancer

Eating these little baby broccoli plants may help protect the stomach from common bacterial infections that can cause gastritis, ulcers, and stomach cancer.

Removing Hemorrhoids – Without Surgery

This painful condition that affects half of all Americans before they turn 50 can be eased by ultrasound.

Cancer Survivors Suffer Long After Treatments End

The end of cancer treatment doesn’t mean the end to anxiety and depression.

Is Organic healthier? Not Necessarily

A new British study has found no difference in nutrients between organic foods and regular supermarket varieties.

Salt and High Blood Pressure Meds

A high-salt diet contributes to hypertension – but also can reduce the effectiveness of your blood pressure medications.