Generic Drugs and The Patents

Generic medicines continue to play important role in assuaging various diseases. We at MyMediStore since our inception have continued to offer good quality generic drugs. The role of MyMediStore in professional management of distribution and supplying of generic drugs has been praised for a long time. We at MyMediStore also play a part in formulating the generic medicines for patients worldwide.

The patent has always been a vital point for us. As the numerous surveys show that in most of the cases there is no other option for renewing a patent when it gets expired. As per the experts a complete new version of the drug is required with major changes in relation to the compound is required in that case. However in most of the cases, this procedure requires whole new set of clinical trials.

Moreover, a patent on an altered compound usually doesn’t create any hindrance in the selling of that product. And thus the generic versions of the original drug do not experience any difficulty while the selling procedure begins. However, the procedure can only be completed when the regulators take the original drug off the market

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