Healthy Body And Healthy Records

The phrase “health records” may bring back mind all the records that a doctor keeps—age, weight, height, immunizations then forth. Often we use this type of data to show change, like pounds of fat lost or pounds of muscle gained. But health records needn’t be restricted to objective information.

When we’re healthy, we feel good, our outlook on life tends to be sunnier, and we have more energy. What if we tend to might harness that energy to stay America going toward our health goals?

Capturing and recording feelings and experiences will give America with the motivation to assist America still try toward optimum physical and mental state. If you felt excited and jam-packed with energy once you tried a replacement healthy food or took a replacement category at the gymnasium, those positive feelings might encourage you to try more new things to help you become healthier.

There aren’t any boundaries once it involves keeping “healthy records.” The rules are completely up to you. Here area unit many tips to assist you start.

1) Select one healthy record that you’d like to keep. Consider any of the following or create your own:

  • Healthy foods tried—fruits and vegetables prepared or eaten in different ways, flavored teas, healthier recipe versions of your favorite dishes
  • Sports or activities—tennis, swimming, baseball, volleyball, canoeing, dancing, martial arts, basketball, golf, badminton, bowling, bicycling, running, walking, fishing, yoga, new classes taken at the gym
  • Healthy habits—increasing your water intake, getting more sleep, walking more, limiting sweets and salty and “junk” foods, getting massages, trying acupuncture, meditating and practicing breathing and relaxation techniques

2) Record your entries in the same place. A notebook, piece of paper or computer is fine. Plan to make regular contributions so you can track your progress.

3) Record the date and time of your experience(s), as well as how you felt, physically and mentally.Review your entries regularly to track your progress. Your experiences will start to add up, and they might make you eager to try new things that you hadn’t considered previously!

What type of healthy record keeping will keep you motivated to try new things, be more active and eat more healthfully?