Multiple Medical Problems Solution

Doesn’t it very interesting to know about the single solution which can cure many medical issues? This article has bought a great healthy supplement into light which can cure various health issues and can pay a way for healthy lifestyle. Milk thistle is one of the best supplements available in the market. This extract is not just new to the market, but they have been used in the traditional medications to cure various disorders. The milk thistle plant is highly renowned for its medicinal values and they are found in India, Europe and China. Many researches were also being done with this plant to know more about their medicinal values.


Milk thistle extract


The scientific name of milk weed is lady’s thistle. A great benefit with this plant is the Silybum marianum seed have a group of flavonoids which are very unique. This plant is not only used as the medication but they are also used as common food. Their roots can also be eaten raw or they can be pan fried. Their leaves can be consumed like other green leaves. This can be considered as a food item which is highly rich in protein, fiber and holds several other nutritional values. This extract is being provided to the patients who are suffering from cardiac disease, obesity and liver disorders. The medicinal benefits of this extract are stated as follows.


Silybum marianum- medicinal benefits


In many countries, the Silybum marianum extract is used to cure seasonal allergies. People who are affected by the problems of obesity tends to take this extract to a greater extent as they help is burning the cholesterol content of the body to a greater extent. Since they have a good control over cholesterol, they are also preferred for the cardiac patients. This is because cholesterol is the most important reason for cardiac diseases in most cases. Hence by taking this supplement in right dosage, one can avoid getting exposed to cardiac problems.


This extract is supposed to have a great craze among the teenagers as they have help in repairing skin damage. Elder people can also use this supplement as a good anti aging compound. In a recent clinical research it has also been proved that the Silybum marianum extract is a great remedy for breast cancer. Any women who are above 30 years can intake this supplement to get rid of breast cancer. This is because this type of cancer comes at this age limit. Apart from this, the milk thistle extract also has an antihepatotoxic property which helps in preventing the liver from damage.




The dosage of this extract will get varied according to the treatment. People who are using it against allergy can intake 140mg of extract three times a day. People who are using it to reduce high cholesterol can intake up to 600mg of dosage depending upon their obesity level. Apart from this the osteoarthritis patients can take up to 150mg per day. People who tend to take this extract for other reasons must intake the right dosage accordingly.