Namenda is used to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease in the Wink of an Eye

Very few people know of the reasons that cause Alzheimer’s in human beings. There are certain chemicals in the body that work towards contributing to the enhancement of Alzheimer’s in a person. This drug reduces those chemicals and curtails the chances of the disease. It has proven to be of great help to those suffering from this painful ailment.

There can be a few other diseases for which this medicine can be used; in order to get a clear picture of what those diseases are and when they can be used, it is imperative that you consult with a doctor. Namenda 10 mg can be a drug that is multi-dimensional. The dose can be of a different amount. It can be prescribed as Namenda 28 mg for some while for some it can prescribe as Namenda 5 mg. The dosage varies depending on the severity and discretion of the doctor’s understanding of a person’s suffering.


When it has been confirmed that you have been suffering from Alzheimer’s and the doctor has recommended dosage, there are a few things you should let your doctor know in order to avoid any complications.

  • When you start with this medication, you will be given 5 mg for daily intake which will change to 5 mg per week
  • Then begins the maintenance dose which will be 5 mg per day initially which goes up to 10 mg two times a day
  • One can have a maximum dose of 20 mg
  • While in case of extended medication, your dose will increase from 5 mg to 7 mg per day
  • Once again from 7 mg per day, it goes up to 7 mg per week
  • In order to maintain during this extended medication, the dose gets increased from 7 mg per day to 28 mg per day
  • So the maximum dose during the extended medication is 28 mg

While you are going through prescribing information, you can read the dos and don’ts. You can also verify the ingredients used to check if you are allergic to any. The 10 mg tablet can be harmful if you have more than the recommended dose. In fact, you need to call the emergency helpline or poison in case you have overdosed.

When we talk about side effects can be as follows-

  • You have a severe headache
  • Frequent mood swings
  • If you have diarrhea
  • Dizziness overpowers you and some more

If you are suffering from any such symptoms after this drug, then the best is to talk to your doctor.

There is an alternative of having several small doses a day. A patient having small doses of this medicine can easily be given the dose of XR 28 mg once a day.

This switch is applicable when the patients don’t have severe problems like hepatic impairment. Namenda xr dosing is prescribed with food and without food too.

Though namenda cost and Namenda xr price are the same, the effect of the latter is far better and quick comparatively.

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