Natural Remedies For Asthma

Having understood that avoiding contact with allergens goes a long way in the treatment of allergic asthma, patients can experience temporary relief through the use of allergic asthma medicines. These asthma medications help asthma patients from severe attacks without a permanent treatment solution.


Types of allergic asthma treatments


Allergic asthma treatments range from administering a number of anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator asthma inhalers to oral asthma drugs, which help prevent the occurrence of allergic asthma symptoms.


The following asthma treatments are the widely administered forms of asthma medication.


Asthma medications


These medicines help in quickly relieving coughing and wheezing. Essentially categorised into Long-Term Control Medications and Quick-Relief Medications, a right mix goes a long way in promising an active and normal life to an asthma patient.


Asthma inhalers


Inhalers are the most effective ways to relieve the breathing discomfort experienced by asthma patients and others who suffer from lung disorders. These are hand-held, compact devices, which aid in transporting the medicine straight into the lungs. Facilitating the drug to act fast, this allergy and asthma carehas a few side effects.


Control inhalers


Better to be safe than to be sorry! Control inhalers feature as part of an allergic asthma treatment administered independently of the asthma symptoms. Loaded with medicines that control inflammation, these are the best means to prevent the situation from going haywire.


Steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs


Steroids and corticosteroids are allergic medicines best suited to control the worsening of asthma. Helpful in reducing inflammation, they work towards limiting the production of mucus in the airways of the patient.


Asthma nebulizer


Also called a breathing machine, this device provides immediate relief to both paediatric and older asthma patients.




Essentially administered by allergy and asthma doctors to open up the airways, an immediate relief from asthma symptoms is guaranteed through bronchodilators.


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