New Chronic Migraine Screening Tool

Do you have frequent headaches, so severe that they interfere with your work, school or other activities?1 Do you often take medications for your headaches?

If so, you will have chronic headache and will check with a specialist concerning your symptoms. Chronic headache may be a medical condition outlined by fifteen headache days per month, with every headache lasting four hours or a lot of, and a minimum of eight of these headache days being associated with migraine.2

Fortunately, the new ID-Chronic headache (ID-CM) screening tool is currently obtainable to assist you communicate your headache symptoms and therefore the impact these symptoms wear your lifestyle. Created by a team of headache consultants,

the chronic migraine screening tool asks questions about headache frequency, headache symptoms, medication use and more.3
After you complete the questionnaire, bring it to your health care professional to help guide your conversation. Once your health care skilled determines whether or not you’ve got chronic headache, you’ll then begin a discussion concerning what treatment choices ar obtainable to you.