nformation about Emotional problems

Emotional issues, like forgetfulness and inability to concentrate, worrying, irritability, depression, square measure undoubtedly related to important decrease in steroid level within the woman’s organism. Estrogens stimulate informative activity, adaptation to totally different conditions, in different words, interest to a life. And solely you’ll be able to decide your preferences: to require all accessible measures to prolong your youth or leave this method. It is evident that the positive respect to these changes in your organism is extremely vital. An optimum technique to urge eliminate your worrying is to know the matter of physiological changes in you. Try to find out about all doable symptoms of climacteric and every one different queries worrying you.

Urogenital symptoms are appeared in the bladder tissues, urethra, and genital muscles. Estrogens support sufficient blood flow into these organs, and are responsible for their normal function. Deficiency of estrogen leads to atrophy changes in tissues, and consequently, to the problems with urination, position and function of genitals.

Change of skin and hair state is caused by the same reason: decrease in estrogen level. It is not a secret that women at this age have the dry skin: after menopause collagen, the structural basis of the tissues providing the skin with elasticity, is exposed to age changes.

Diseases of heart and vessels are the most common diseases among both men, and women. However, it’s fascinating that variety of girls below age of climacteric affected by vessel diseases is below men. With returning climacteric, decrease in steroid level is full-fledged and this magnitude relation is equal. It is evident that estrogens are characterized by the prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease development.

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