Nursing Scissors

When it involves medical care, there square measure few things as versatile as nursing scissors. Come to think of it, have you ever noticed a nurse in any situation that doesn’t have a handy pair of nursing scissors nearby? That is because when it comes to patient care, few things take care of just about any situation you can name as a handy pair of Color4care scissors. But the ones that nurses will use are special; they are strong and can be used in circumstances where having a sharp edge is critical.


The Many Uses of Nursing Scissors

Just about any nurse worthy of the title will have a pair of these in their pocket at all times. If you have ever wondered why, the reason is simple. In just about any medical environment people need to have something cut off or removed. The most obvious one is the patient ID band that everyone gets when they enter the hospital. Why even the Mayo Clinic makes you wear them. I am betting that the last time you had one; a nurse came along with a pair of scissors and cut the extra length off so it wouldn’t continue to annoy you. That is a good enough reason on its own for any nurse to want to keep a pair of scissors handy.


When I asked a few nurses I knew what they used their nursing scissors for while working, the list was endless. Here are just a few examples:


Cleaning out clogged catheters

Cutting tape and gauze

Cutting down suction tubes to the right size

Trimming syringe labels to fit properly

Cutting up sterilized strips

Cutting knotted patient gown strings

Cutting away patient clothing (especially in emergency)

Trimming patient hair (especially on moles)

Opening medicines

Are Dull Scissors The End?

As you would expect, anything that gets as much use as a pair of nursing scissors are bound to become dull. When this happens, you would expect that the only thing you can do is go out and buy another pair of scissors. But you have another option; you can sharpen your old pair.


Yes, it is true that sharpening them takes time, but it could be quite worth it. These days the best solution would be to invest in a sharpening tool and then make it worth its price of investment. If you don’t want to spend the money I can share a little trick for sharpening scissors effortlessly. Just take aluminum foil and fold it several times until it is quite thick. Then take your scissors and cut the foil up into thin strips. Your scissors will be sharper in no time! So don’t despair if your nursing scissors have gotten a bit dull from constant use. Just borrow our little trick and keep those scissors in tip top shape.