Painful Sex:Today to Learn More About Causes and Treatments

Are you one amongst the six million individuals stricken by painful sex? Has your doctor told you it’s all in your head? Tune in today to The Dr. Oz Show as Dr. Oz investigates four real causes of painful sex and offers choices for treatment.

The segment will feature Jennifer Ashton, MD, a New Jersey-based obstetrician-gynecologist and CBS News medical correspondent, as well as interviews with Lisa and Debbie, two vulvodynia sufferers.

Painful sex, also called, is a real gynecological condition that women need to know about. So, after the show, take a few minutes to visit the show’s Web site to send a brief e-mail to Dr. Oz and the show’s producers letting them know that you appreciate their coverage of this important women’s pain condition and that you’d like to see it covered again in the future