process Hepatitis with Baraclude Entecavir is the Generic

Baraclude is employed within the treatment of bound body issues originating from viruses. It is primarily helpful for treating the hepatitis B virus. Although it cannot completely cure hepatitis B but can stop the symptoms and help in healing by restricting the growth and activities of the virus. More researches are on its activities in treating cirrhosis of the liver and in cancers of the liver.

Dosage of the drug

Baraclude entecavir is the generic form of the medicine, and Baraclude generic dosage is decided on the basis of the weight of the patient. Adults and children above 2 years can be treated with the medicine.

The drug is taken either 2 hours before taking food, or 2 hours after having food in an empty stomach. Changes in weight during the medication must be noted and reported to the doctor.

Side effects of the medicine

The medicine has one potential major side effect which is called lactic acidosis. Due to this, the patient may feel extreme tiredness, numbness, coldness in muscles, limbs, body parts, and also acute muscle pain, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, and irregular heartbeats. If you face any of them then you must report the doctor immediately of them.

Other Baraclude side effects can be nausea, headache, clay-colored stool, lack of appetite, a low fever, dark-colored urine, and jaundice.

The symptoms of hepatitis B may come back and even worsen once Baraclude is stopped, and you must instantly report the doctor if something like that happens.

Precautions to be taken

Through the tenure that you take the medicine, frequent and periodic blood tests need to be carried out to check the patient’s liver conditions. The blood with hepatitis B symptoms and liver function testing periodically would give the doctors direction of how many doses to recommend to the patient and for how long.

  • You must tell your doctor before starting the medication if you have any of the following:
  • HIV detection in blood
  • A history of kidney problems
  • Liver transplant history

You must also tell the other medicines you are taking while starting the drug.

Where to get Baraclude

You would get the drug from any drug store by showing the doctor’s prescription. You may also buy them in the same way online. Before buying you may have a look at the Baraclude price list and check with the entecavir 0.5 mg price. The 0.5 mg price is always kept reasonable in all sources as this is a specially useful drug, and you would get it at discounted or reasonable rates online. However, if you feel that the entecavir price is too much for you to afford, then you may also enroll in a special program to meet the needs. The patient assistance program is an attempt by the government to provide the medicine to those patients who don’t have insurance to get the medicine or afford the medication without insurance. The cost is lowered for them substantially, or the drug is given free.

Summary: The treatment of hepatitis B with Baraclude lessens the symptoms a lot and does not let them come back when continued. Generic Baraclude is available as Entecavir.