Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Well, don’t despair over your skin. Acne, dry skin, unhealthy veins and darkened patches of skin around your eyes, nose and cheeks ar common skin-related changes throughout gestation. A dark line might seem down the center of your abdomen. It’s also a typical, however harmless, pregnancy-related skin amendment. To keep your skin healthy follow these simple steps:

  • Wear sunscreen and a hat in the sun. Your skin is more sun-sensitive and may burn more easily during pregnancy.
  • Take your prenatal supplement every day, in addition to eating a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Ask your dermatologist or OB about skin care products to control or reduce pregnancy-related skin irritation. Soap substitutes and moisturizers may be recommended.
  • Put your feet up to reduce varicose veins. Report any unusual skin changes such as yellowing of the skin (jaundice), blistering, severe itching, rashes or moles that change in color or size to your health care team.
  • Schedule your healthy pregnancy checkup and childbirth classes.

Sorry to break it to you but, if you’ve gotten used to your regular Botox injections, glycolic peels and microdermabrasion, it’s time to get unused to them. Basically, you ought to avoid any medically unneeded procedures or medication throughout your physiological condition. And whereas you’ll feel those “lunchtime face-lifts” esthetically necessary, they’re positively not medically necessary. The same goes for teeth whitening and hair coloring.