Some Tips to Liven Up a Tired Face

For the last month I have been completely entrenched in the process of moving. The chaos of this has left Maine running on a great deal less sleep than traditional. Add that lack of snoozing to my winter-pale skin and most mornings i do not appear as if the liveliest of women. Luckily, however, I have a few tried and true tips on how to fake a rosy, I’ve-had-plenty-of-sleep look when you’re feeling tired and pasty.

1. Work Out
Yes, this seems counter intuitive; you’re already tired so why would you want to work out? Well, it should not be the foremost fun factor within the world however AN early morning gymnasium visit suggests that you get that impressive post-workout glow. A little brisk walking, running or even doing a DVD in your living room will get your blood pumping and wake up your complexion.

2. Drink Water
It may appear obvious, but so many of us skip water in favor of coffee (or nothing) in the morning. After your physical exercise, carry a bottle of water around the house and drink it while you get ready. It’ll hydrate and agitate your skin cells, giving you a healthier look. For one more profit, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice to perk up your metabolism!

3. Use Herbal Eye Pads
When I am extremely in would like of a facial refresher, i exploit flavoring eye pads to combat black under-eye circles and lump. You can find these at many health food stores and online. The herbs in the pads soothe swelling and increase circulation, and certain formulas contain ingredients that will dramatically lighten dark circles.

4. Use Highlighter

Several cosmetic brands have glorious highlighter creams that may provide you with a rested look. These formulas usually contain light-reflecting particles that provide your skin a beautiful glow. Apply your makeup as you commonly would, then sweep a pea size amount of highlighter across the tops of both your cheekbones. You’ll look more awake in seconds. Dabbing some highlighter (or a very light shade of eye shadow) under the arches of your eyebrows and in the corners of your eyes will liven up your eyes as well.

5. Mascara and Blush Are Musts
Even if you are not commonly the makeup sporting sort, these two products are necessary when you need to look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Mascara can build your eyes look larger and a lot of open. A blush with pink tones and even a touch of shimmer will bring life to your cheeks.