Tea tree oil for skincare

The oil of tea tree contains antibacterial agents in the form of terpinen-4-ol that can kill the zit causing bacteria. This also performs the role of solvent. This means it can stop and prevent oily substances from clogging up the sebaceous glands resulting in pimples. If you have pimples on your face and do not like to use harsh cosmetics that are available in the skincare product market, you can try tea tree oil acne blemish stick and say goodbye to pimples and acne marks. People can use tea tree oil in many ways to treat acne making the face unattractive. Acne is formed due to excessive oil secretion by skin. There are several factors causing acne to be formed. Some of them are hormonal imbalance, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. These give rise to blackheads, pimples or whiteheads. The sebum or natural oil secreted by skin clogs the pores when it is overproduced. The dust and dirt mix with the sebum and let the bacteria create bumps.


How tea tree oil treats acne


Tea tree oil is additionally referred to as melaleuca oil. This looks pale yellow to almost colorless. It is produced from the leaves and parts of a plant named melaleuca alternifolia. This plant is native to the southeast Queensland as well as northeast coast of south Wales in Australia. The major reason why this oil works effectively on skin acne is that it can cut through the grease and dust easily as it acts like a solvent. When people apply this oil on the acne, it will penetrate through the dirt and unclog the pores by eliminating all the dirt and dust. The anti bacterial property of this oil helps in killing the bacteria causing bumps and prevents further clogs. The antiseptic property of tea tree oil helps in healing the skin. The tea tree oil for acne treatment has anti bacteria, anti fungal, anti septic and anti viral properties. It has the property of easily cutting through any dust and grease over the skin. Tea tress also contains toxins other than healing properties. So, users are recommended not to take this oil internally. The way they use it must be external.

Features of tea tree oil blemish stick


An easy way to apply this oil over the acne is using tea tree oil acne blemish stick. Different brands of acne blemish stick are available in the market. Let us see the features of this acne curing tool. The tip of the stick has sponge provide convenient use. This means users do not have to use their dirty fingers to touch the acne. The stick will have clear gel for skincare. It contains only natural ingredients for clearing the skin. The tea tree oil blemish stick is free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors, animal derived ingredients and synthetic preservatives. This means users can use this acne blemish stick with confidence. They do not have to worry about suffering from side effects caused by chemicals that are not included in it.