What are the Home remedies for high blood pressure???

According to data of American Heart Association, over 74 millions of people have high blood pressure (hypertension). The danger of hypertension lies in that this disease poses a serious risk for the cardiovascular system.

Sometimes, hypertension causes obvious symptoms, like dizziness, chest pain, dyspnea, nasal bleeding, headaches and rapid heartbeat. At early stage of hypertension, the doctor can advise some home remedies for high blood pressure.

In timely diagnosis of hypertension, home remedies for high blood pressure help reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and other pathologies, caused by very high blood pressure.

In uncontrolled hypertension, home remedies for high blood pressure are not effective. Therefore, patient with severe hypertension must be prescribed some prescription antihypertensive drugs.

At early stage of hypertension, the most effective home remedies for high blood pressure that really work, are:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Reduction of salt consumption
  • Reduction of alcohol consumption
  • Increase in physical activity
  • Keeping a low-fat diet

Numerous trials have shown that smoking of just one cigarette can increase the blood pressure by almost 10 mm Hg. Heavy smokers may have high blood pressure for a long time.

Even passive smoking causes a great risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, smoking cessation is one of the most effective remedies to reduce the high blood pressure.

As home remedies for high blood pressure, doctors suggest to quit using too much salt. Excessive amount of salt causes fluid retention in the body, which leads to high blood pressure, swelling and edema. Doctors recommend not to abuse salt and use no more than half a teaspoon of salt a day.

One of other home remedies for high blood pressure that really works is consumption of low alcohol drinks. Doctors claim that a glass of dry wine at the dinner improves the guts work. However, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages negatively affects the cardiovascular functions and overall health.

Herewith, alcohol increases the blood pressure levels, the number of headaches and dizziness. That is why doctors advise to quit drinking alcohol as one of the home remedies for fast decrease of the blood pressure.

Active lifestyle combined with low-calorie balanced diet is among the best home remedies for treatment of high blood pressure. The consumption of large amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts, fish and fat-free dairy products help to reduce the cholesterol levels and the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels.

As natural home remedies for high blood pressure, doctors recommend using lemon, garlic, banana, red onions, cayenne pepper and celery as often as you can. All these foods can normalize the blood pressure, improve the immune system and keep normal metabolism.