What is Arm implant birth control???

Innovative researches and technologies enable up new strategies of contraceptive method. Modern birth control implants are no less effective contraceptives than previously developed, but they can significantly improve the woman’s well-being.
Implant for contraception permits obtaining the required result while not regular administration. After the implant is inserted beneath the arm skin, a woman may receive the effect similar to sterilization within 36 months. At woman’s will, implant is quickly removed and the ability to conceive a child is recovered.

The first contraception implants within the woman’s arm were appeared over thirty years agone. They have quickly become some of the safest methods of family planning. Such contraceptives (e.g., Norplant) consisted of six small rods for insertion under the skin.

New generation of subcutaneous contraceptives contain only one rod that facilitates the insertion under the skin and reduces the risks of adverse events. Subcutaneous implants square measure effective, convenient and thus is inserted much each girl within the arm.

Birth control implant: influence on the body

Subcutaneous implants belong to the sort of secretion contraceptive method. The principle of working is to change the viscosity of cervical mucus and to block ovulation. For example, Nexplanon implant for contraception is inserted within the arm and releases solely artificial sex hormone.

The length of Nexplanon sterile flexible rods is 4cm and the diameter is 2 mm. Each rod contain 68mg of the active substance and several inactive ingredients. This contraceptive does not contain estrogen.

After the insertion of birth control implant under the arm skin, the optimal release rate of the active substance (about 65 mcg / day) is quickly achieved. At the end of the first year and within the next 2 years, the release rate of progestin is reduced by about half. Herewith, contraceptive activity of the implant is not reduced.

What is the procedure of inserting birth control implant in the arm?

Rod-shaped implant is inserted underneath the skin in accordance with the package insert. The inner side of forearm is a recommended place for subcutaneous insertion. For the rod insertion, it is necessary to seek help from a qualified healthcare provider.

Special applicators modify the procedure of inserting contraception implant. Reviews of some consumers include information about the discomfort and pain, so local anesthesia can be used.

To prevent infection with harmful microorganisms, antiseptics, sterile gloves, gauze, patch and pressure bandage should be used. It is necessary to avoid major blood vessels and nerves when inserting the implant under the skin.

The implant can be removed at the woman’s will, but not later than 3 years after the insertion. As a rule, the removal procedure takes but five minutes. If the lady needs to continue victimization contraception implant, the new rod-shaped implant are often straight off inserted at an equivalent place within the arm.

Birth control implant: pros and cons

Implants may be a terribly effective means that, that provides a daily contraception for an extended amount. If necessary, the implant is definitely and quickly removed or replaced by a brand new one.

Unlike alternative contraceptives, contraception implant is employed by nursing mothers. This type of subcutaneous contraceptives is recommended for women who cannot use estrogen.

Just as the other progestin-containing medication, implant for birth control has a significant impact on the functions of female body, so undesirable effects may occur during their use.

The most common facet result of contraception implant is harm irregularities. Less common adverse reactions of contraception implant will embody pain within the arm, weight gain, depressed mood, nausea, symptom and headaches.

Where can I get subcutaneous contraceptives?

If you want to buy rod-shaped implant online without a prescription, you should know that this contraceptive should not be inserted at home. To insert birth control implant in the arm, medical assistance is needed.

One of the most popular birth control implants is sold in the US under the brand name Nexplanon. Earlier in the North America, Implanon and Jadelle subcutaneous contraceptives have been approved, but now they are not available for sale.

Unfortunately, the price of birth control implant and the cost of services for its insertion in the arm are very high. Therefore, women, WHO don’t have insurance, opt for cheaper choices of contraception.