What is Choroidal Melanoma???

Cancer is a disease which can affect any part of the human body, including the eye and its various components. The iris, ciliary body and the choroid , together known as the uvea, is prone to this fatal disease. Thus, the uveal melanoma is also called choroidal melanoma. Though the reason behind the occurrence of this cancer is yet to be discovered, the harmful UV rays of the sun are considered to be a probable reason. Calvin Grant MD, the American ophthalmologist has contributed greatly to the treatment of this predator.

Robotic radio surgery was first introduced by Calvin Grant MD, in the treatment of Choroidal melanoma. Apart from this, he has hugely contributed to the medical industry in various ways. One of the stars to his crown of fame is his success, in developing the first sustained cure of  non-ischaemic and ischaemic central retinal vein occlusion. On being doubtful whether a patient has been affected by this type of a cancer, the doctors use various diagnostics to confirm their doubt. They begin by conducting a dilated eye exam. In this the pupil of the eye is dilated to check if there are any abnormalities present behind the eye.

If any such thing is found the doctors suggest routine checkups to determine perfectly the problem. Next kind of diagnosis is using the ultrasound. Once the doctors find the presence of a tumor in the eye, they use the ultrasound, focusing towards the same. The use of this ultrasound is to determine the size of the tumor. This is determined once the ultrasound bounces back after hitting the surface of the tumor. Fluorescein Angiography, is another form of diagnosis. This particular process includes injecting a particular dye into the patient’s vein, after which photographs of the pupil are taken to keep a track of the flow of the dye through the veins to the back of the eye.

Another method of diagnosis would be the MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is done to figure out the characteristics of the tumor, so as to streamline the treatment of it. Once the kind, size and characteristics of the tumor are determined the next step is to start immediate treatment of it. Since the treatment of any kind of cancer cannot guarantee total elimination of the tumor, hence it becomes extremely vital to exercise certain preventive measures.

Age is a factor which makes taking preventive measures compulsory. The condition of any cancer deteriorates with age, so, for those in their middle age or old age, it is always best to take precautions while there is still time. Prevention from any kind of disease does not mean medication alone, eating proper and following a healthy lifestyle also forms a part of this regime. Vitamin A, C and E infused food are very good for the eye. Of course they should be complimented by food containing other minerals as well.

Calvin Grant MD advises on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as nothing, but a preventive measure to the disease.  There are many people, however, who, due to various reasons are not able to eat in the correct manner, for them supplementary diets are ideal. Having said this, one more thing needs to be paid attention to, and that is, there should not be any compromise on a healthy life style


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