What is contraception???

To prevent unwanted physiological condition, completely different birth control ways will be used. To define the optimal contraception method, it is necessary to know what methods of preventing pregnancy are used in different cases.
To define the most preferred type of contraception, the advantages and disadvantages of various options for preventing pregnancy should be evaluated.
The key information about different methods and types of contraception can be found in this review. The information about various methods of preventing pregnancy will help you to define an effective contraception method specifically for your case.

  • The simplest technique of gestation hindrance is Associate in Nursing interrupted sexual issues. Like several alternative birth control strategies, interrupted sexual issues doesn’t defend against tract infections.

It is almost impossible to define the effectiveness and to guarantee the safety of this contraception method. Therefore, interrupted sexual activity is free, however not standard technique of physiological condition interference.
One more free contraception method is fertility tracking. By counting the days of the menstrual cycle, a woman can learn in which days conceiving a child is impossible.
Given the fact that the menstrual cycle can be irregular, fertility tracking cannot be regarded as a reliable method of pregnancy prevention.

  • The simplest barrier contraception methods (male and female condoms) are very popular among young people and are almost not used in adulthood.

The makers of the best barrier contraceptives don’t guarantee 100% gestation bar. Therefore, it’s not possible to outline the family planning effectiveness before mistreatment male or feminine birth control device.

The most effective barrier contraceptives are spermicidal lubricants that inhibit the activity of spermatozoa. The use of spermicidal lubricants together with male or female condoms allows significantly reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. However, it is impossible to define the effectiveness of such combined contraception method before intercourse.

  • Hormonal method

of contraception is the most reliable one. In regular use of hormonal contraceptives, a woman can be sure that conceiving a child will occur only if she stops hormone replacement

When using birth control pills, it is quite simple to define the safety of contraception. If birth control pills do not cause serious side effects, the contraception method is considered safe.

Different types of birth control pills are available in retail sale. Therefore, if the oral contraceptive causes unwanted adverse reactions, it may always be replaced by other drug.

The duration of using oral contraceptives is not limited. Young and mature women can use birth control pills until planning pregnancy.

It should be noted that by means of oral pills you are able not only to control conceiving by yourself before intercourse, but also to prevent pregnancy within a few days after unprotected intercourse. Emergency secretion birth control is well-liked each among young ladies and among mature ladies.


  • Not many women know that hormonal contraception is not only oral. To prevent pregnancy, hormonal implants can be used.

When using implants, it is quite simple to define the contraception duration. To do so, client drugs info ought to be fastidiously studied.

The maximum contraceptive activity of hormonal implants is 3 years. However, girls with overweight and avoirdupois ought to replace contraceptive implant each a pair of years.

Regardless of a type of hormonal contraceptive, there is contraindications to its use. By ordering hormonal contraceptives online, all the information about them you can get from a pharmacist of online pharmacy.


  • The most radical contraception method is surgical sterilization. The effectiveness and safety of this birth control method can be defined only after comprehensive medical examination.

Surgical sterilization is required for women for whom pregnancy creates potential risks for general health and life. The surgical contraception guarantees 100% impossibility of conceiving a child, but does not guarantee the absence of postoperative complications.

Only experienced physician and specialist will outline potential risks of contraceptive method. Your doctor can provide you with the information about advantages, disadvantages and cost of surgical contraception.

If you decide to use hormonal method of birth control but cannot define what contraceptive is needed namely in your case, ask for a pharmacist’s qualified advice on online pharmacy. If you are already taking birth control pills and you decide to buy them online without a prescription, you can make your order in just 2-3 minutes in anywhere in the world.