Why using Essential oils for skin???

Essential oils square measure multi-component, natural oils that contain organic substances helpful for human health. Essential oils are made from medicinal plants that are widely used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

More than 30 different types of essential oils with unique healing properties are used for aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Volatile oils are most often used for topical therapy of skin diseases, but can also be used for inhalation therapy of bronchitis, sore throat and cough.

To get just a few drops of healing oil, a huge number of plants is required. Therefore, value of essential oils for skin, made up of medicative plants is considerably above the value of dietary supplements made up of the extracts of identical plants.

For phytotherapy and aromatherapy, oils made from one or several plants can be used. Medicinal properties and mechanism of action of essential oils for skin rely upon the plants they’re made up of.

For example, essential oils for skin from clove, eucalyptus and turpentine have anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce musculoskeletal pain, back pain and joint pain in arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.

Essential oils for reducing skin rash, skin tags, eczemas, fungal infections of the skin, herpes symptoms and dermatitis are made from medicinal plants Melaleuca alternifolia, Evening primrose and Cymbopogon martini.

Topical use of volatile oils for rash helps to scale back skin inflammation, relieve sunburn symptoms and accelerate the skin healing just in case of cuts. In regular use of essential oils for skin care, skin elasticity can be increased and a healthy complexion is maintained.

Unlike to artificial creams and ointments, essential oils for skin care do not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, they can be used to care for any skin type, including skin hypersensitive to allergens.

Essential oils for skin don’t solely give anti-inflammatory drug and analgesic effects. For instance, healing oils from Olibanum and Rosmarinus officinalis provide calming and relaxing effects. Therefore, they can be used to support the nervous system and improve mental health.

Some varieties of essential oils for skin (e.g., Salvia sclarea oil) help to reduce menopausal symptoms in women and maintain normal sexual function in men. Other essential oils for skin (e.g., Myrtus communis oil) help to improve sleep, as well as can be used for phytotherapy of insomnia.

The fact that organic essential oils is helpful for maintaining medical care of cancer diseases (including skin cancer) deserves a special attention. Essential oils for skin exert positive effect on the immune system and can help to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of cancer patients.

It should be noted that qualitative essential oils for skin evaporate quickly and leave no greasy stains on clothing. Therefore, they can be applied to the skin at any time of the day, including immediately before leaving home.

Essential oils for skin square measure completely safe for the physical body, in order that they square measure oversubscribed while not a prescription. If you decide to buy essential oils for skin care, but do not know which oil to choose, please, ask your questions about the healing volatile oils by email.