Are Self-Breast Exams Necessary? Women Need to Know

I’m a bit uncomfortable with something I just came across on the Internet. It’s about a television station in Washington D.C. airing an actual breast self-exam, with real demonstrations done by real women.

And some parental watchdog groups don’t like it much.

You know what? I’m uncomfortable. NOT with the fact that this is being shown on television – but instead, with the fact that the television station is being accused by some as trying to boost their ratings, since this two-part series is being aired during the fall sweeps. Some are calling it a “ratings stunt.”

Well, breast cancer awareness month happens to fall in the Fall. That’s one thing. And another thing? So many women are uncomfortable with, or don’t know how, to examine their own breasts…and I think many would be grateful to see a live demonstration. What’s important, too, is that one of the women doing the demonstration is a woman who discovered her own breast cancer by a self-exam. Along with that are interviews with two very public women dealing with breast cancer, one of them being Elizabeth Edwards.

So, I’m curious: what do you think? Does this offend you…or do you applaud the television station for helping women?

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