Do you have trouble having an orgasm?

Do you lack the desire to have sex? Do you have trouble having an orgasm? If so, you’re not alone; 70 percent of women we surveyed reported struggling with these or other sexual health issues. The National Women’s Health Resource Center and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals recently commissioned a survey to explore women’s attitudes and behaviors regarding their sexual health. Respondents who experienced sexual health issues reported negative impacts on their romantic relationships (44%), self-esteem (43%), and mental health (42%). These women also found that sexual health issues caused stress and anxiety (66%), Don’t let other areas of your life suffer because of problems in the bedroom. Get help now on our new site.

was created to help women learn more about healthy female sexuality and encourage them to talk about issues they may have. Visit the site to learn how to:

  • Stress Less for Better Sex
  • Rekindle Your Passion
  • Talk to your Health Care Professional about Sex

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