Emotions and Health: How Much Are We Responsible?

One recent post on health problems and temperament affected several readers and evoked several fascinating comments. This comment resonated most strongly with me.

“This makes horse sense to ME except that it isn’t continually a 1 to 1 (sort of an apparent comment). I’m thinking of my pricey friend battling the malignant neoplastic disease right away UN agency is one among the foremost positive and type folks I do know, with a very good outlook on life. I guess all that can’t prevent you from GETTING the disease but it can speed your recovery (at least I REALLY hope so in her case).”

I might be a bit sensitive when it comes to the topic of cancer – and reading this comment and thinking about these scientific studies really hits hard. The relationship between temperament and health conditions is tricky; in the end, illness can strike unfairly and randomly, and is it always under our “control?”

Yes, the negative feelings will play a robust role – chronic stress is accountable for suppressed immune operate, especially where cancer, AIDS, and autoimmune diseases are concerned …but what about the times once unhealthy things happen despite our greatest intentions to remain healthy?

What bothers me, even more, is this latest report to hit the media:

It’s simply an excessive amount of weight for a cancer patient to hold (aside from all the burdens they already cope with): that somehow he/she might be or are healthier *if only* they weren’t depressed; and survive, too, *if only* they kept depression at bay.
And you’ll be able to make sure that there are different cancer patients out there UN agency are depressed enough while not reading or hearing on the news that their depression is associated with an additional serious threat to their health.

If so this is often the case – that depression lowers your probability of extant cancer – and therefore the majority of cancer patients can expertise depression – what is vital here is for doctors – associated anyone else UN agency may be a web – to treat cancer as not simply a health problem to eradicate however as a life-changing emotional issue yet. Patients got to be showing emotion well-armed to address what might be exhausting treatments and what follows – a life forever altered.

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