Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

I just received an email from a reader in Idaho, Doreen. She wrote, “I’m fifty-two years previous and simply started full-blown climacteric. I’m getting a ton of hot flashes, day and night, and I’m so moody all the time. I am terribly health acutely aware and customarily shun any medications however am thus tempted to raise my doctor for hormones! But I am reading such a big amount of studies concerning their danger. Can you share any recent information?”

I can certainly feel Doreen’s pain. When I went through this a few years ago, I was miserable. I couldn’t wear sweaters – even on the most frigid days of the winter (I’d always been a person who was always cold, but found myself reaching for t-shirts all year spherical and keeping the warmth thus low within the winter that even my husband complained – and he likes it cold!) actually, it took concerning four years before I could put a sweater back on (now I’m back to being cold all the time). And my moods? Totally out of control. As tempted as I was to take hormones, I had to stay away from them since I had breast cancer in the past.

If you are taking, or are considering taking, secretion replacement medical care to treat hot flashes and alternative annoyances of climacteric, you may want to take note of this new study just reported within the Journal of the yank Medical Association.

Danish researchers United Nations agency studied 900,000 women between 50 and 79 found that in those who took HRT after menopause, there were 140 extra cases of ovarian cancer linked to that treatment over the course of eight years. Women who took HRT had a 38% increased risk of getting ovarian cancer than those who didn’t. There was also a 44% increased risk of cancer that begins on the outer lining of the ovary, known as epithelial ovarian cancer.

The 5% of the ladies that this represents won’t thousand so vital, but because of the lethal nature of this type of cancer, doctors are taking this seriously enough to caution against HRT. The American Cancer Society estimates that there were be 21,550 new cases of ovarian cancer in 2009, which ranks fifth as the cause of cancer death in women. Ovarian cancer is additional common in white girls than in African yank girls, affecting approximately two-thirds of women over the age of 55.

This isn’t the first mark against taking HRT, either: the Women’s Health Initiative study in 2002 found that the risk of ovarian cancer- as well as breast cancer and strokes – were increased in women on hormone therapy.

Also within the news on hormone replacement therapy may be a spice by the name of curcumin. The carcinoma risk that was found to rise in girls taking a mix of sex hormone and sex hormone may, according to University of Missouri researchers, be reduced by taking this popular Indian spice. Read the full story here.

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Do you have a way – other than HRT – of treating your menopause symptoms? Sharing them may facilitate all the opposite girls out there!