Modern Look for Healthy Women

For quite twenty years, HealthyWomen has been committed to delivering quality health and eudaimonia content on all aspects of women’s health. To allow us to continue our mission of serving women, and to expand the resources that we offer, you’ll soon see the outcome of a new revenue stream on our website and in our newsletters: advertising.

HealthyWomen regularly receives inquiries from potential advertisers, and after careful consideration, we’ve decided to accept ads for products and services of interest to our constituents that meet the guidelines of our new advertising policy. We want to assure all of you, our supporters, that this advertising will not in any way impact the integrity of the content and products we produce. It can be clearly known in order that guests will recognize what’s an ad versus our health education info.

Advertising will begin on in early February. You’ll begin seeing ads in our electronic publications presently afterwards. We are pleased that this new revenue stream will allow us to expand and enhance the resources we provide to women online, in print and via phone.