Progesterone Prescription: Through close friendships

Attention all post-menopausal women: the progesterone that is lost through menopause – contributing to some pretty pesky annoyances like depression, lethargy, panic attacks, water retention, and vaginal dryness – can be increased without hormone replacement. How?

Through close friendships.

A study by the University of Michigan found that bonding with others will increase progestin. When scientists studied the spittle ladies|of girls|of ladies} United Nations agency showing emotion guaranteed with different women through a shared cooperative activity designed to elicit closeness, their progesterone levels increased. And once these same ladies were tested every week later, they felt especially altruistic and said that they’d even risk their lives to help their partners.

Bonding is pretty strong stuff, isn’t it?

I think this is interesting, don’t you? I wonder if the requirement for a friendly relationship, especially as we age, is fueled by our body seeking out some replacement for those lost hormones. Friendship may be a pretty simple, safe, and inexpensive way to do this.
And, here’s another great point concerning friends: sharing laughter. I think we have a tendency to all have those bound friends that we have a tendency to laugh with. But it’s worth the aching jaw, in my opinion. Laughter, as they assert, is good for the soul – but it’s also so good for the immune system as well.

Yes, my friend’s American state plenty to me – they continuously have, and I suspect they always will. They add a primitive to my life; the puzzle isn’t complete while not that essential piece.