What Your Personality Type Reveals About Your Health

Did you ever notice however individuals with sure styles of personalities even have sure types of sicknesses or health problems? Years past my specialist told ME that the rationale he selected medicine instead of medicine was that instead of being aggressive and kind A, his patients were thus grateful and pleasant to deal with. (I, for one, do suppose there is nothing sort of a cancer identification to humble you, big time)

I in person apprehend tons of calm, mellow people who seem never to get colds or other pesky illnesses – or at least get less of them than the general population.

So it had been no surprise that I discovered a piece of writing concerning however temperament impacts a personality’s physical health.

For example, cynical people, which usually translates to hostility, are more prone to heart disease.

And what does hostility have to do with diabetes? According to researchers, hostility leads to stress, which leads to spikes in a protein called C3. The immune system is then affected and various diseases can follow, including diabetes.

Frazzled and anxious? That may lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s. A study of over 500 elderly people found that extroverts who were also outgoing and mellow had a 50 percent lower risk of developing dementia than those who were anxious and frazzled.

So what does this all mean? To me, it means to live a life as unencumbered by negative emotions as possible. I know it is simple to attempt for; tougher to realize, do not you think? Maybe you have a special tip to share.

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